Sunday, January 31, 2016

Dior 5 Couleurs Glowing Gardens Eyeshadow Palette in 031 Blue Garden

Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette 031 Blue Garden

As promised, here are more pictures of the Dior quint from the Spring 2016 collection Glowing Gardens. The central shade is a light blue with strong hints of mint green. The upper left shade is a light peach and the upper right is a bright white. The two lower shades are silver and blue grey. All of them are very sheer when applied, with a light shimmer.

The compact is the same size and style as other quints in the brand's general line. However, the eyeshadows themselves are embossed with a lovely flower print. Two applicators are included, much like other quints from the brand. They're foam applicators so most people probably don't use them. One of them has a small brush on the other side.

As you can see, they swatch very lightly and they apply very sheerly as well. This could be a turn off to a significant crowd but I expect that the brand will continue to sell a good number of these quints to collectors, it being a limited edition release. Truthfully, it's a very attractive quint to look at. If you apply makeup sparingly, or are a fan of the barely there shadow look, this will definitely work for you. I have used it in conjunction with dark-colored base products such as the dark blue eye stick (Iris) included in the collection. The Orchid eye stick could also work as a base for the peach shade in this palette if you're inclined to use just one or two colors at a time

I wore this the other day using the silver as the lid base color, the darker grey as a liner and the peach layered on top, into the crease and above it. Then I used the white as a brow highlight. It was all very natural. Admittedly though, it wouldn't show at all in photographs. I might as well be wearing nothing at all. In the age of the selfie, that probably wouldn't fly.

For now, I'm going to start skipping these Dior quints again. It feels like I could get much better quality eyeshadows for the price I'm paying. I'm happy to keep these but I would not recommend them to anyone.

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