Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Experience

I took my daughter to New York on the weekend of her 9th birthday. I gave her a choice of gift and the trip was what she picked. Secretly, I was insanely pleased at her selection because that meant I could get some time off from her baby sister and who wouldn't love a trip to New York? We stayed the weekend and I prepared a fair number of stops for her and for me.

We got the last cronuts of the day at Ansel Bakery and walked to the street behind the bakery to find the Bite Beauty Lip Lab. I was concerned that there would be a line for walk-ins and I didn't have an appointment but they weren't busy. I was accommodated immediately.

my daughter standing inside the shop, just by the door

The technician who assisted me (I'm not sure what the ladies who work there are supposed to be called but I think technician sounds good) was very nice. She handed me a gloss wand with some lip scrub and then some of their agave lip mask, which I really like. Then we proceeded to talk about the kind of lipstick that I wanted made. I showed her a 20-year old Bloom lip gloss in a pan that I wanted to try to replicate as a luminous crème lipstick. That shortened the conversation a bit since she didn't need to explain too much about the different finishes available (matte or glossy) and the amount of pigment that I wanted etc. I do highly recommend trying out some of the line's lipsticks to know what kind you like in advance. We just went straight to talking about the color.

the wall of colors

She had me swatch my lip gloss on the back of my hand and then she went over to their wall of colors to pick out the materials that she would use for my lipstick. She went with a mixture of Vigne and Honeyberry to produce the rose color that I wanted. I tried the color on and was happy with the result so she proceeded to add the colors into the mixing cup.

Then I was to select the tube that I wanted for my lipstick. It's really just the cap that you pick out. There are four to choose from. I also needed to pick out a fragrance for my lipstick. My daughter and I agreed that the violet scent was our favorite. But just to spice it up a little, I asked for a tiny bit of vanilla to be mixed in. The lipstick is pretty highly fragranced, in my opinion. If that's not your cup of tea, you could probably tell them that you don't want a fragrance mixed in. I think I may ask them to tone it down by a lot the next time around.

the fragrances

mixing cup goes into this machine

melted color being poured into lipstick mold

The ingredients then went into the centrifuge. That thing spins really fast and mixes the color perfectly. It comes out of the machine as a liquid which then gets poured into lipstick molds. The molds are then placed on a cooling table set to -11 degrees.

cooling table

After a few minutes, the technician grabs the molds of cooled color and inserts the lipstick into the plastic casing. I wish I had lipstick molds and I would just spend all day making lipsticks.

my lipstick shade

I took home two tubes of lipstick just because there's a small discount when you get two as opposed to just one. And you know, I love a deal. It's not cheap but definitely a lot of fun. I'm very happy with my new lipstick. I was told to wait about 15 or maybe 30 minutes before I used the lipsticks but I actually waited until we got home, just to be sure. I highly recommend having an appointment, and you can book those in advance by calling the lip lab in SoHo or checking out their website. If you're thinking of coming on a weekend, I'd say book at least one month ahead. Note that it is winter and there was some dreary weather on the day that we went, which likely explains the lack of a wait for walk-ins. But I've heard that on the busiest days, walk-ins may have to wait a really long time to get serviced, if they can be accommodated at all.

my lipstick on left, Dior Bois de Rose pencil on right

And on a final note, because I find Bite Beauty lipsticks to be extra creamy, I think a complementary lip liner is a good idea. I purchased the Dior Lip Pencil in Bois de Rose which is the closest match I could find to my custom color. I'm already planning the color that I want next. Can't wait!


  1. So cool! I have a tube of Bite lipstick and I quite like the product. If I make my way to NY again, I will definitely want to stop by the lab!

    1. It's a really fun experience. I hope you enjoy it!