Sunday, January 31, 2016

Dior 5 Couleurs Glowing Gardens Eyeshadow Palette in 031 Blue Garden

Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette 031 Blue Garden

As promised, here are more pictures of the Dior quint from the Spring 2016 collection Glowing Gardens. The central shade is a light blue with strong hints of mint green. The upper left shade is a light peach and the upper right is a bright white. The two lower shades are silver and blue grey. All of them are very sheer when applied, with a light shimmer.

The compact is the same size and style as other quints in the brand's general line. However, the eyeshadows themselves are embossed with a lovely flower print. Two applicators are included, much like other quints from the brand. They're foam applicators so most people probably don't use them. One of them has a small brush on the other side.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Playing with Dior (some spring 2016 items)

DiorBlush Glowing Gardens Vibrant Colour Powder Blush in 844 Floral Pink

I've had a renewed interest in Dior these last couple of months. It's mostly because Chanel hasn't been taking all my money and partly because I've been looking for something new to be excited about. I remember when the Dior spring 2012 collection became available on the Nordstrom website and I immediately went out and bought all the lippies. It was a bit of a mistake. This year, I was afraid of making the same mistake so I went and bought eye products instead :p Well, I bought the blush, one quint and the three eye sticks, since I'm having a moment with eye sticks. And I was most excited to use those. So I did!

DiorShow Colour & Contour Eyeshadow & Liner Duo

I used most of these products in the look I'm sporting in my profile picture. It wasn't anything planned. I had been testing out the blue one and so wore that with some of the colors from the quint, and then I complemented the look with the blush from the collection and the Diorific Mat lipstick in Fascinante from the holiday collection, which I had laying around and quite forgot to use, to be honest. I put a layer of the sparkling mauve Dior Addict lip gloss in Cigne Noir on top of that because I don't generally like the look of matte but I just adore this color.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Experience

I took my daughter to New York on the weekend of her 9th birthday. I gave her a choice of gift and the trip was what she picked. Secretly, I was insanely pleased at her selection because that meant I could get some time off from her baby sister and who wouldn't love a trip to New York? We stayed the weekend and I prepared a fair number of stops for her and for me.

We got the last cronuts of the day at Ansel Bakery and walked to the street behind the bakery to find the Bite Beauty Lip Lab. I was concerned that there would be a line for walk-ins and I didn't have an appointment but they weren't busy. I was accommodated immediately.

my daughter standing inside the shop, just by the door

The technician who assisted me (I'm not sure what the ladies who work there are supposed to be called but I think technician sounds good) was very nice. She handed me a gloss wand with some lip scrub and then some of their agave lip mask, which I really like. Then we proceeded to talk about the kind of lipstick that I wanted made. I showed her a 20-year old Bloom lip gloss in a pan that I wanted to try to replicate as a luminous crème lipstick. That shortened the conversation a bit since she didn't need to explain too much about the different finishes available (matte or glossy) and the amount of pigment that I wanted etc. I do highly recommend trying out some of the line's lipsticks to know what kind you like in advance. We just went straight to talking about the color.

the wall of colors

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy Microbead-free Year

I'm not big on New Year's resolutions but this year, I'm making one conscious change in our home by removing all products that contain microbeads.

Happy New Year, by the way! What am I talking about and why? Microbeads. Bad for the environment. I just saw an article in (published last night), with the headline "The U.S. Just Banned Microbeads, Those Tiny Plastic Environmental Disasters In Your Face Wash" and it details the Microbead-free Waters Act of 2015. Manufacturers will have to be rid of all microbead products in a year's time. I got rid of it all last month but not before taking a few pictures to help you figure out what to look for.

The main culprit would the teeny-tiny polyethylene beads mixed in with your favorite facial scrub or possibly your toothpaste. If it says microbeads/micro-beads on the front and has polyethylene in the ingredients list, you know you've got one that you need to chuck right now.

My husband is a big Crest fan and I think the entire Pro-Health line has these little plastic scrubbies in them. So, out to the trash they went. Yes, even the travel-size samples from the dentist's office. The Olay Regenerist Brightening Cream Cleanser I wrote about last June has it and I've since tossed that (it's the item pictured at the very top of this post). Sadly, even old standby products I had, the Clinique 7-Day Scrub Cream and the old Laura Mercier Face Polish all have microbeads. So I've had to dispose of several tubes, all unopened and unused. Most of them were GWPs. Otherwise, I would have taken them back to the store and gotten my money back.

If you need to know why, it's because these little plastic beads are so tiny that the wastewater treatment plants can't catch them and they get tossed right back into the environment. They're not biodegradeable so they basically live forever, getting tossed around from place to place, ending up in our rivers and streams. Imagine the fish... eating them... you eating the fish. OMG. Or perhaps the fish die before they can be caught and consumed. Either way, not a pretty picture.

So, for now, weed it all out of your system. Get the products out of your bathroom. I wish there was a better way to dispose of them, other than simply putting them in the trash (how about we mail it all back to P&G?). If anybody knows, do tell! And best of all, just stop buying them. Even if it's on sale (which I bet you, there will be plenty of this year), DO NOT BUY!