Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charms

I am an online shopping person. Looking back at when I started this blog, I was not. But it's the norm for me now. Some days I wax sentimental about those times I used to shop in the store much more. Now, it's more of, when I find the time, I swing by the store to look at something that I am thinking about buying online. Or maybe I feel bad and want instant gratification. But online retail therapy works for me too. Sometimes. I DO make mistakes. Case in point: the Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charms that arrived at my door fairly recently.

Let me tell you. I couldn't bring this product back to the store and get my money back sooner. The thing was beyond tiny. I felt like I had shelled out $39 for a sample I could have gotten in a GWP. Honestly, this should be a GWP, considering how much CT products cost. But that's my opinion. Obviously, someone in their marketing team thinks otherwise.

Ok, It was kind of cute. I could use this to decorate presents with or stick it on my tree, like a regular ornament. A tiny ornament. Each lipstick tube was no more than 1.5 inches tall. And that's on the outside. It clearly states that there should be 0.04 oz. of product in each one. Oh my! That does sound like a sample. How could I have missed that detail? Honestly, I would have been more compelled to keep it, had it been three full-size lipsticks packaged in a similar manner. The tube is very pretty. But then again, if it had been three lipsticks in full-size, the price point would have been along the lines of $90 and I'm not too sure I would be interested in buying it then.

I apologize that there are no swatches. I didn't want to use it because I did not want to keep it. I took one look at the colors and shook my head. I would wear maybe one of these three shades. For reference, they are: Penelope Pink (a nude), Bitch Perfect (a pink) and So Marilyn (a red). I've got my eye on Bitch Perfect, as I feel Penelope Pink is too nude for my taste. But I really don't like the name of it. I mean, I get it but it doesn't sound nice to me. So, this is one case where I really hope that they bring a CT counter to my local Nordstrom soon so I can shop in the store. Really, some things have to be seen/held/examined/sampled before purchase.


  1. Hallo,
    I never write comments but I wholeheartedly agree with you on this, I´ve done the same mistake. I did not notice the actual weight of lipsticks while ordering which caused a really unpleasant surprise when they arrived. Moreover I had payed 15 EUR for the shipping from Net a porter to boot. And the colors don´t suit me at all, Penelope Pink and Bitch Perfect are way too pale to look flattering, and O Marylin is the exact opposite, too much into the face, neither does anything good for my face. I can´t send them back, I´ve used them once, so I hope to get some use of them as a moisturizing base for other lipsticks. Well, lesseon learned …

    1. Hi Blanka! Gosh, I feel so bad that it's something you can't return 😞 But like you said, you can use it with other products as a base. A shiny gloss over the paler shades might work nicely especially if you're wearing a strong eye. I'm not a fan of red either so I usually try to mix those with nudes to lighten them up. Maybe mixing Penelope Pink with So Marilyn will yield the perfect shade!