Thursday, October 8, 2015

Some L'Oreal picks for the neutral color lover (Lip Pens and La Palette Nude 1 and 2)

It's back to basics for me. I went in and bought a few select Chanel goodies to wear through the fall but on a trip to Target the other day, I decided to stop and peruse a L'Oreal display. I surprised even myself, that I ended up going back to the same display 4 times over the course of a week (which means I went to Target four times that week, uhm, yes, I do that!). The first time, I came home with one lip pen. The next time I went, I got two more. The third time I went to a different Target and grabbed yet another two lip pens. And finally, I decided to go for the nude palettes.

Let's just say, I really enjoyed those lip pens. They come in two finishes, matte and, well, not matte. The first thing I bought was shade 102, She's So Matte and yes, it's matte. Not 80s matte but just matte. I did like it and still do but I'm not really a matte person so I needed to have a look at the non-matte shades. I guess they're more of a satin finish. La Lacque gave me the impression that they would be overtly shiny but they are not. I bought three of those La Lacque shades and I like them all. I have 201 Lacque-Y Charm, 207 Lacque-Y You and 209 Choco-Lacque. One of my last purchases was shade 104, Game Set & Matte and I was a little unsure about it because I noticed a real separation of color at the tip of the lip pen. The tip looked lighter than the rest of the bullet. However, I found this to be a non-issue when I wore it. So, all's good.

What I liked about this particular lip pen is that with the diminished width, I can do a more precise line than I would normally, when applying lipstick straight from the bullet. It is easy to use and it retains that slanted tip. That's all in the way it's used, of course. But this makes it easy. I think it's easier than the completely pointy lip pens. The slant is what I like.

I've only recently rediscovered that I am fine with the scent of L'Oreal lipsticks. These smell just like the ones I used to buy 10 years ago. The renewed appreciation is perhaps the result of a failed Maybelline experiment where I recently bought two lipsticks after a blog that I was reading recommended them. But I found the scent of Maybelline so off-putting that I really could not wear the shades. I didn't really like them much either so I wouldn't even waste a blog post on them. Anyway, the L'Oreal lipsticks that I've tried have a rosy scent. It's not too strong but it is there and it is ok with me.

Both le matte and la lacque shades lasted long enough on my lips not to need reapplication for over four hours unless I had maybe a burger for lunch. Personally, I'd wipe it off completely and apply a fresh coat but some people like their lipcolor to last through meals. The matte ones are longer lasting but also a tad drying. I could feel it pulling on my lip a little when applied without lip balm underneath but it wasn't overly bothersome that I'd continue to wear the colors so long as they suited my needs.

I haven't really played around with the eyeshadows but I've read enough to level my expectations. They're a cheaper alternative to Urban Decay Naked Palettes. They're not the same but they have the same parent company! They're oodles better than the Maybelline palettes, as I've heard. I've used both Urban Decay and Maybelline (and I really should have done a blog post about those but alas, no time) and every palette has its pros and cons. My conclusion, after all the reading, is that I would probably really like the L'Oreal ones because I did get some use out Maybelline's The Nudes palette. I even bought The Blushed Nudes. And inasmuch as I think the Urban Decay palettes are great, I have an easier time working with less pigmented eyeshadows and I can't stand glitter fallout.

In all honesty, I stopped myself from buying any of these L'Oreal nude palettes because I was so put off by the make up that Karlie Kloss had on in the ads. I really, really hated them all! What was that look supposed to be? Were they trying to be Urban Decay? If so, they did a miserable job with it. I can understand artistic makeup but I just didn't get where they were going with it. She didn't look attractive at all in the makeup. Well, makeup is what you do with it. I'm going to have some fun with my new palettes, that's for sure!

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