Thursday, October 15, 2015

Guerlain Holiday 2015 Picks

I thought it high time I really work with mobile posting so I tried to write this post on my phone. Well, it was a fail. I got the pictures (taken with the phone) to get into the draft, but only two sentences of the entire text was saved. So let me start from scratch.

I was very excited to share some pictures I took with my phone of the two items I ordered from the Guerlain Holiday collection. I placed two orders, one with Nordstrom, for the Météorites, and another with Sephora for the Rouge G.

While it's normal for Sephora to practically overnight me products, even when I select the normal free shipping option, I do get the occasional surprise from Nordstrom. It just has to do with how quickly the orders are packed and shipped and where the shipment comes from. In my case, Sephora normally ships from Baltimore, MD and I always get it the day after it is shipped. Both items arrived today, so kudos to Nordstrom for a real quick one there.

Included in the pictures are the samples I received with my order. But let's put the spotlight on the really fun and festive box of Météorites. While it seems to be written nowhere on the packaging, I have found out that this is called the Perles de Neiges. A snowball of beige, gold and white, with stars in the mix. This has to be the cutest iteration of this product that I have ever received. Love that mirror on the inside of the lid!

The plastic snowball container seems sturdy as well, unlike some of the containers they've had the product in lately. This one is delightful to look at, lovely to hold and I'm sure it will be a pleasure to use.

The Rouge G in shade 867 Merveilleux Rose is a pretty pink that will surely appeal to many. I ordered it because I was just smitten with the packaging. The snowflakes complement the Météorites container so it's really nice to put them together on the vanity. It will be really easy to pick this one out of a Rouge G lineup. But what's striking to me is that they moved the shade name/number to the bottom of the tube so that now it is on the part of the tube that actually contains the lipstick. That's a welcome improvement from the previous design where the shade name and number were on the lid. If you switch lids by accident, oh well! 

I'm still on the fence about the Ors et Merveilles Eyes & Blush Palette because of the lackluster reviews, particular of the blush side. The price did make me pause a bit too. For now, I think that these two are all I will be picking up from the Winter Fairy Tale collection.

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