Friday, October 9, 2015

Chanel Fall 2015 Collection Les Automnales - my picks

My makeup needs have drastically fallen over the last two years. Even a collection as tempting as the fall makeup that Chanel recently unveiled couldn't get me to pick up more than 3 items. I went with the blush in Alezane, the eyeliner in Érable and the repromote Illusion D'Ombre in New Moon, originally from last summer. I passed on it and purchased Mirage but with the trio presented for fall it stood out somehow and I think I'm ready to deal with any possible glitter fallout this time around.

The eyeshadow palette Entrelacs has some pretty useful colors but I simply had to pass because I purchased the travel makeup palette that Nordstrom sold for Anniversary and it was altogether a better value and also came with five neutral eyeshadow shades.

But here now, see, New Moon is just beautiful!

I chose Érable out of the four eyeliners because it seems to me like the shade I had hoped Ambre Doré to be. It turned out to be bronzy and worked really well with a bronze-themed eye. I swatched it below, next to two other recent eyeliners releases from the same line from Chanel. This is not for any other reason but for me to remember that I already own them! (And by the way, Perle de Lune is still THE BEST EYELINER EVER.)

Eyeliner in Érable

As for the blush, I've been forewarned about the glitter but when I put it on at home, I honestly didn't notice it much and I thought it didn't make it any less appropriate for day use. But funny, while I was in the car, I took a quick look at myself in the rearview mirror and when the sun hit my face, oh disco! Yes, there is glitter, and it was noticeable in the sunlight. But really, it's pretty. I felt that under normal indoor lighting it was a non-issue. All I really notice is the shade, almost like a light bronzer. Kind of reminds me of something Guerlain would make, actually. I'm a Terracotta fan (the line from Guerlain) so this shade is right up my alley.

See, it swatches lightly! So workable, I tell you!

I have to add that lately, despite the lack of discounts and no cashback options, I've found myself ordering makeup directly from There's something about receiving the products in a Chanel box and receiving Chanel samples that makes the experience a little more fun. With this purchase, on top of the two samples that I selected myself, I was also gifted with two sample cards of lipstick. Very nice.

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