Thursday, October 15, 2015

Guerlain Holiday 2015 Picks

I thought it high time I really work with mobile posting so I tried to write this post on my phone. Well, it was a fail. I got the pictures (taken with the phone) to get into the draft, but only two sentences of the entire text was saved. So let me start from scratch.

I was very excited to share some pictures I took with my phone of the two items I ordered from the Guerlain Holiday collection. I placed two orders, one with Nordstrom, for the Météorites, and another with Sephora for the Rouge G.

While it's normal for Sephora to practically overnight me products, even when I select the normal free shipping option, I do get the occasional surprise from Nordstrom. It just has to do with how quickly the orders are packed and shipped and where the shipment comes from. In my case, Sephora normally ships from Baltimore, MD and I always get it the day after it is shipped. Both items arrived today, so kudos to Nordstrom for a real quick one there.

Included in the pictures are the samples I received with my order. But let's put the spotlight on the really fun and festive box of Météorites. While it seems to be written nowhere on the packaging, I have found out that this is called the Perles de Neiges. A snowball of beige, gold and white, with stars in the mix. This has to be the cutest iteration of this product that I have ever received. Love that mirror on the inside of the lid!

The plastic snowball container seems sturdy as well, unlike some of the containers they've had the product in lately. This one is delightful to look at, lovely to hold and I'm sure it will be a pleasure to use.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Chanel Fall 2015 Collection Les Automnales - my picks

My makeup needs have drastically fallen over the last two years. Even a collection as tempting as the fall makeup that Chanel recently unveiled couldn't get me to pick up more than 3 items. I went with the blush in Alezane, the eyeliner in Érable and the repromote Illusion D'Ombre in New Moon, originally from last summer. I passed on it and purchased Mirage but with the trio presented for fall it stood out somehow and I think I'm ready to deal with any possible glitter fallout this time around.

The eyeshadow palette Entrelacs has some pretty useful colors but I simply had to pass because I purchased the travel makeup palette that Nordstrom sold for Anniversary and it was altogether a better value and also came with five neutral eyeshadow shades.

But here now, see, New Moon is just beautiful!

I chose Érable out of the four eyeliners because it seems to me like the shade I had hoped Ambre Doré to be. It turned out to be bronzy and worked really well with a bronze-themed eye. I swatched it below, next to two other recent eyeliners releases from the same line from Chanel. This is not for any other reason but for me to remember that I already own them! (And by the way, Perle de Lune is still THE BEST EYELINER EVER.)

Eyeliner in Érable

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Some L'Oreal picks for the neutral color lover (Lip Pens and La Palette Nude 1 and 2)

It's back to basics for me. I went in and bought a few select Chanel goodies to wear through the fall but on a trip to Target the other day, I decided to stop and peruse a L'Oreal display. I surprised even myself, that I ended up going back to the same display 4 times over the course of a week (which means I went to Target four times that week, uhm, yes, I do that!). The first time, I came home with one lip pen. The next time I went, I got two more. The third time I went to a different Target and grabbed yet another two lip pens. And finally, I decided to go for the nude palettes.

Let's just say, I really enjoyed those lip pens. They come in two finishes, matte and, well, not matte. The first thing I bought was shade 102, She's So Matte and yes, it's matte. Not 80s matte but just matte. I did like it and still do but I'm not really a matte person so I needed to have a look at the non-matte shades. I guess they're more of a satin finish. La Lacque gave me the impression that they would be overtly shiny but they are not. I bought three of those La Lacque shades and I like them all. I have 201 Lacque-Y Charm, 207 Lacque-Y You and 209 Choco-Lacque. One of my last purchases was shade 104, Game Set & Matte and I was a little unsure about it because I noticed a real separation of color at the tip of the lip pen. The tip looked lighter than the rest of the bullet. However, I found this to be a non-issue when I wore it. So, all's good.

What I liked about this particular lip pen is that with the diminished width, I can do a more precise line than I would normally, when applying lipstick straight from the bullet. It is easy to use and it retains that slanted tip. That's all in the way it's used, of course. But this makes it easy. I think it's easier than the completely pointy lip pens. The slant is what I like.