Sunday, August 2, 2015

Nail Polish Catalogue

Guerlain Nail Lacquer in Baby Rose

Since we're in the thick of summer, we really do need to talk nails. My manicures are limited by the fact that I'm still changing diapers and I don't like the upkeep so I simply don't. But sandal season means pedicures are a must. In a typical summer, I get no more than three pedicures. I tend to remove polish after four weeks and trim the nails and then let them grow out a little before the next pedicure if possible. I just like the idea of letting the nails breathe.

Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer in Lady

Prior to writing this post, I had purchased Guerlain Baby Rose (top picture) and Dior Lady (above). Both satisfied my need for easy to maintain neutrals that I could wear any time of the year. Baby Rose is super sheer but Lady is spot on. It's opaque in two coats, looks great on fingers and toes. The hint of pink is perfect. It's probably my favorite color this year.

I did want something a little bright for summer so right now I'm wearing Essie's Peach Side Babe. I bought Private Weekend as well but just couldn't make the ever so lightly shimmery white work. Maybe save it for French tips or maybe it will look better when applied by a professional. Both are from the summer collection. From their spring collection, I picked Perennial Chic and Petal Pushers which I may well reserve for a fall transition.

On a nail wheel I've painted several other colors I've bought this past year but haven't yet featured. It's a used color wheel that had a few colors on it so I filled in the blank spaces. The picture isn't big enough to see all the details so you can click on it if you really want to see the colors and names. Below I have a closer shot in the shade of the newer colors.

I'll start with the brown on the left going clockwise. The brown is Chanel Terrana, a metallic chocolate brown. Next to that, a couple of oldies, China Glaze Camisole and Laura Mercier Nude Silk, then Guerlain Baby Rose, the sheer baby pink I first talked about in this post. NARS Trouville comes next and butter London's Kerfuffle, which I bought early this year and have simply forgotten about. Then there's the duo of Champers and Keen which I got the day Sephora put them on sale online. I think it was $15 for the duo. They're somewhat sheer and they can be layered nicely. On the wheel I have Champers first on left, then the layered Champers over Keen and then Keen by itself, two coats. If you start with Keen and put Champers on top, it lends Champers a rosiness that you might like better if you're warm-toned. A closer look in brighter light below.

L-R, no partials: Champers, Champers over Keen, Keen,
Peach Side Babe, Perennial Chic and Petal Pushers

The rest on the nail wheel, I've mentioned earlier are Peach Side Babe, which is what I have on and then Perennial Chic and Petal Pushers, which is what I'll be wearing to welcome fall. Petal Pushers starts the blue side of the wheel and those old colors, for reference are, still clockwise: butter London Lady Muck, Essie Sweet Talker, L'Oreal Now You Sea Me, Dior Saint-Tropez, China Glaze For Audrey and Nicole by OPI Respect The World, which brings us back to Chanel Terrana. All those colors on the blue side of the wheel were featured on the post for Dior Saint-Tropez.

So, have you picked out a favorite yet? I think I'll go metallic next week.

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