Thursday, July 30, 2015

Givenchy Le Rouge À Porter in 206 Corail Décolleté

Summer has gone by in a flash. It's half over! If I've learned anything, it's that summer is such an awful time to wear makeup. I've decided that great skin, an awesome pair of large sunglasses and a good lipstick are really all I need to look good in summer pictures. Ok, add a good concealer if you can make it stay put. Then toss in some brow grooming.

So it's time to pick out a pretty coral lip color and I decided to pull the trigger on a slim Givenchy Le Rouge À Porter in shade 206 Corail Décolleté.

It's a chic little package with metal and leather although I have to say, it doesn't seem very summery when I bring this tube out. I guess I'm not a metal and leather kinda girl. Not even in the fall. But I find the color lovely. It's flattering and somewhat sheer so it will add brightness to your face without ever becoming overpowering. That said, I think the formula could use a tweak. It just doesn't feel as moisturizing as I'd hoped. I thought that if I added more product, that would increase moisture but instead, it made the color slip and let's just say I was expecting something better for a lip color in this price category.

While I continued to search for another coral lipstick, I ended up bringing out an old Chanel Rouge Coco Shine to use (2013's Pygmalion, if you'd like to see. Click here). Speaking of Chanel, have you seen the fall collection? The palette of browns is so up my alley. I did settle on a couple of items and I'm waiting for them to arrive at my door today. Meantime, let me work on the pictures of the rest of the items I purchased along with the Givenchy lipstick and put them together in the next post.

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