Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Obsessions, A Few (Dozen) Unreviewed Items

I am guilty of parking my almost two year old on a comfy chair with an iPad so I can write a really quick blog post. There's a part of me that's thinking, "you should be playing with her! why is she on the iPad?" but there's that other part of me that sees I haven't written a post in a couple of months and the pictures are piling up on my computer.

I've been into masks lately. Been trying ones here and there. $6 Sephora masks, an SKII mask that I've decided was worth another buy. I think I'll try a different Shiseido one next time. I've turned to the Shiseido Brightening line for a few products. Love that cleanser! And I'm rediscovering their foundations and powders. But I'm still having quite the love affair with oh so pricey Guerlain. A new bronzer in a coral silicone sleeve? I'm in! Contouring, I have to try that. Kevyn Aucoin or Becca? Marc Jacobs Beauty... I have to try that too. And of course, I need that new cream eyeshadow from Chanel. Caroube? Got it!

I'll be off to the beach soon. It's always a dilemma. We're going to take lots of pictures. Shouldn't I be wearing makeup? Yes, I'm going to pack that new sunscreen and a dozen other ones because I haven't decided which one I'm going to use. But will I actually have time to put on makeup? The heat and humidity will just make it slide off. I know this already. But I'm going to pack a few things. Hmmm... I think I'll go with these to start...

Chanel Double Perfection Lumière Compact Powder and Fresh Effect Eyeshadow in Caroube 

Chanel Caroube swatch

Clinique Cheek Pop in Melon Pop

Now about that new bronzer. It's basically the same No. 3 bronzer I posted about before. There's also No. 2 in a turquoise sleeve. I thought about getting that one since I already have No. 3 (here) but I really wanted the coral sleeve and apparently, you can't buy them separately. Bummer! $55 for the bronzer with sleeve, no brush :( And well, the sleeve isn't so great. It makes it hard to open the compact and I actually worry about dropping it now more than ever. Cute though. It will certainly keep the compact scratch-free. New for summer and limited edition.

And just so you know, the child is no longer playing with the iPad, she's right next to me. I don't need to feel guilty after all.

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