Sunday, January 25, 2015

Guerlain Météorites Perles de Blush

Have you ever been sucked in so badly by a brand that you would pay top dollar for a product that you don't think is worth it and still want to keep it? Sigh. Yes, I am the sucker who wanted Météorites as a blush that even after reading all the reviews that the product is packaged poorly (cardboard as opposed to tin) and is very, very tiny, I still ordered it anyway. And behold, when I opened the Sephora box that had my Méteorites Perles de Blush, I was still shocked that it was very... tiny.

Let's put things in perspective. I thought that the best way to approach this was to compare the size to the last available Météorites in the market, Perles d'Étoile. I adore Perles d'Étoile. I love it as much as Perles du Dragon. But see, I dumped my entire tin of Perles du Dragon into a large powder tin with the whole tin of Perles d'Azur and now I want another one that isn't mixed with anything else. I happily noted that Perles d'Étoile was just as pretty and useful. Then Guerlain decided, we will come out with a blush! And I was really planning to look for a good pink blush for spring. So, I had to have it. And here it is, open, next to the tin of Perles d'Étoile.

I have bought a few tins of said product but none of them are actually sold as blush. So this should be different, no? Besides, who buys blush in gargantuan containers? Ok, maybe there will be a market for that. But blush is something you use sparingly, so a common person really wouldn't need a whole ounce of pearls. Except, for the price... well. I wasn't expecting the box to be the size of a sample and to barely be half full. I want it to be overflowing with pearls like the promo pictures!

Here's my take. Packaging is poor. I want a tin. An honest to goodness metal tin. If they needed to have this whole angels look to it, what was to stop them from enveloping the tin with the cardboard? The lid needs to be more secure and that puff desperately needs some kind of ribbon so I can actually pull it off without turning the box upside down. Note: do not turn box upside down. It will be very disastrous.

The product itself is... Météorites as a blush. It is just that. You have pearls, really tiny ones, with lots of pink in the mix. You get a pink shade. I like the shade. You can see how pink it made the puff and how applying that puff to my arm, the one side of the arm is quite pink. I actually did end up using the puff, did one quick pat on the cheek and then buffed it out with a brush. This is not my ideal way to apply blush but until I could transfer the pearls to another container and find a brush that's dense enough not to catch pearls in it, I was going to do it that way.

I did eventually transfer it to an old T. Le Clerc bronzer tin so I had just one layer of pearls nestled in the container in such a way that they didn't move. Then I used a pointy brush and dipped the brush on its side rather than straight down. Issues solved. I think $53 is still a lot to pay for this, given its many faults. So here's hoping they will come up with something better the next time around. In the meantime, my pink cheeks and I will soak this up.

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