Saturday, January 24, 2015

Burberry Gold No. 25 Complete Eye Palette

This Burberry Gold palette was a holiday release. I picked it up after reading stellar reviews. It's of the same quality as the single eyeshadows that I've purchased and loved from the brand. Maybe that one quad I bought before was just a dud but this palette has renewed my interest in Burberry makeup.

The four shades in this quad are wonderfully complementary. There's a brown-gold (a little reddish in certain light, a dark gold, a green-gold (more of a khaki) and a beige-gold. I still reach for Burberry Trench as a true highlight but the beige-gold shade will do if I didn't have other options. The texture and pigmentation is stellar. They blend so well too! I know, $60 is a lot of money to throw on four eyeshadow shades but this is such a well-executed combo that I think is worth it. I love the gold packaging too. At least it's easy for me to tell it apart from the other (grey) compacts.

In the grand hierarchy of eyeshadow quads, this is probably my second most-reached for set right now. The top is still Chanel Raffinement, which is a discontinued product. I may have to grab Tissé Rivoli when I hit pan.

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