Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Essie Dress to Kilt Nailpolish

I was looking for a red to wear now and thru the holidays and stumbled upon the Essie fall ad in a magazine. Dress to Kilt had to be mine! The first Target store I went to was out of stock but I found it in another store a few days later. Add a Cartwheel discount and I was definitely sold. Testing it out on one nail just to see if it was all that I'd hoped it was, here is the result.

Love it! It's a wonderful shade of red. I'm not worried about the formula since most Essie nail colors I've bought have held up decently. And with shades as dark as this red, the pigmentation is usually awesome. This is no different. What you see is just one coat and nothing else. I think I might leave it at that.

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