Monday, July 14, 2014

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in 625 Secret and 629 Atmosphere

As usual, in the middle of summer Chanel releases its fall makeup collection. While I'm certainly not in a fall mood, I found myself gravitating towards the nail polishes that they offered. I picked up two of three, Secret and Atmosphere.

Collection États Poétiques speaks of opposites. Hence you have the practically black Orage, which I did not get because I have others in my collection that would serve the same purpose, and then there's Secret, a beige with a touch of pink. Application-wise, Secret wasn't as easy as some other colors I've worked with. However, I find that it's worth the effort to get a little more opacity out of such a color because most of what I have in that family is pretty sheer. Secret has enough pink to not look chalky but it's still a delightful neutral that I happily wear on my toes even in the thick of summer.

Atmosphere is basically icing, a topper. I wouldn't wear it alone but I thought it paired very nicely with Secret for a pearlescent effect. I used two coats of Secret and then one coat of Atmosphere with no top coat. Here I have two views, one in the sun and one in the shade.

I don't think that pictures quite captured the rainbow reflection of Atmosphere but it's there. My daughter describes Atmosphere as somewhat silvery but it is really a clear, pearl finish. I love pearls. Atmosphere works for me.

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