Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara

A quick review of an item I've had sitting in a drawer for over a year now. I first brought out the tube last month and after putting on a complete face, my new mascara was to be the icing on the cake. It had such awesome reviews and I sincerely thought it quite nice the first time I used it. Subsequent applications had me lowering my opinion a little. With little else on, I started noticing things I didn't like about it.

Eyes to Kill has a good formula. Smooth to apply, neither too thick nor too runny. It volumizes nicely and grants some length. The tube didn't dry up quickly, which is awesome especially at this price point ($32 now!). The color was satisfactory, quite nicely dark, but the brush wasn't making my life easier. This is Diorshow all over again for me. Big fatty brush KOs lashes. With repeated strokes, clumps. Sigh. Try again.

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill mascara brush

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