Thursday, March 27, 2014

eos Pomegranate Raspberry Shave Cream

Since the weather has warmed up a tad, I thought it a good time to invest in a new shaver. I bought that teeny tiny little Venus razor which supposedly nullifies the need for shaving cream. I've found, however, that I still preferred shaving with some kind of foam better. Generally, I use Gillette shaving gels but the EOS brand bottle caught my eye. A plastic bottle is something I feel alright about leaving in the shower stall, something which I try never to do with a can. My daughter picked out the scent (as I would otherwise pick unscented) and we took it home.

I had been using this bottle for quite awhile. Shaving needs aren't as plenty in the winter but it's picked up a little lately. My first impression was that I missed the foam. The eos shaving cream is just that, a cream, and it's a little harder to get off of the razor after each pass. Nonetheless, it performs as any cream would, which leaves me looking at other criteria to determine whether a repurchase was in order or if I should stick to good old Gillette.

Shave wet or dry. I was never one for a dry shave unless in a rush, in which case I would grab my husband's old electric which he has cast aside in favor of an old Mach 3. I was unsure if a dry shave meant that I didn't need to rinse off the cream after but that was weird. My conclusion is that you can apply it to a dry leg, shave and then hit the shower. It's convenient, I admit, and probably saves water since I can shave without the shower running. But wouldn't shaving with plain old body lotion be kind of the same thing (with no need to rinse), be faster and cost less?

The scent, by the way, is a bit overwhelming. Pomegranate Raspberry is super sweet and candy-like. But there is an unscented option, so I don't feel the need to complain about that too much. The cream itself offers a decent shave, as long as you remember that you're not using something that foams. It doesn't dissolve easily in water. Wet or dry, it's alright but I find that it's better to apply it on dry skin because it seems to slide off on wet skin. Maybe that's how you're supposed to use it in the first place? I never did read the instructions LOL. (So I did read them, after writing this post, and the instructions didn't really say what to do.) The packaging deserves extra credit and if I end up buying another one, it would be because I like the non-can container and there was a promotion that priced it closer to cheap shaving cream. Otherwise, I'd say it costs too much to warrant frequent rebuys. (retail $3.99)

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