Saturday, September 14, 2013

Laura Mercier Kohl Liner Extreme

Laura Mercier Kohl Liner Extreme

I'm not usually into the heavily-kohled look but something about this new, limited edition kohl liner from Laura Mercier had me playing around with the idea. The creamy eyeliner is packaged in a small, lipstick tube-sized container. It's a chubby stick with a pointed tip and requires no sharpening. Confession: I've never bought eyeliner that's packaged this way before so I was a little worried about how I was going to use it. But really, I didn't need to worry. This baby was so easy to use!

I like how the color goes on so smoothly and gives a defining black without being overwhelming. Pairing it with a Caviar Stick from the same brand, I got surprising longevity, even on the waterline. That's saying a lot since it's a rare occasion that you would get me to line my waterline. However, I also think the weather had plenty to do with that. On a particularly warm day, the line didn't hold up more than two hours. I was tempted to reapply but decided that the faded out kohl look was actually not half bad. You'd smudge it out most of the time anyway.

If you're looking for a new kohl liner, I think this one is worth a try. It's a little cheaper than the new one from Guerlain and you get a bit more product. The color isn't as dark as Guerlain's (I tried them both at the store before deciding to pick this one up) and the texture isn't as soft but somehow I think that this works better. It's a handy little package too so it's easy to keep in your purse if you like to touch up during the day. While I'm not longing for a rainbow's worth of colors (really, all I need is black), I do wish it wasn't limited edition. I am actually considering buying a back up.

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