Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Guerlain Terracotta Moisturizing Bronzing Powder 03

I find that summer is typically when the best new bronzers come out. I tend to peruse a few major high end brands and pick one or two to purchase every season. This year, Chanel did not include a new bronzing powder in their summer release so I was left to choose between Guerlain and Dior. I may end up getting one from Dior in the end but I decided to go with the tried and true Guerlain formula, not in a new shade but one that I simply don't yet own. This neat little package from Nordstrom came with a mini kabuki brush, not different from the brush that the Dior Nude Tan Paradise Duo comes with.

The Guerlain Terracotta Moisturizing Bronzing Powder in shade 03, the darker, more golden sister of shade 01 (which I showed here) is a "brunette" shade. It's something that I've learned doesn't necessarily mean for you to buy the darker shades if your hair color is darker as there are certainly very fair brunettes in the world. From what I understand, the tones are simply less pink and more brown or gold, possibly less orangey on olive-toned skin if they are under the "brunette" category. I have a neutral undertone, light to medium complexion and golden brown hair so I often find that I could wear makeup meant for a wide variety of complexions and hair colors. There is no reason I can't wear a "blonde" shade, that which 01 is, and a "brunette" shade like 03. It's good to own a variety of shades. I could probably work with several at once so I can come up with a custom tan, if you will.

The bronzer itself is the same old seamless Guerlain formula. Radiant and natural-looking, not too hard to apply. The included brush didn't shed or bleed much when washed, which offered me some relief, as all but a handful of Guerlain brushes I've received were epic failures in these aspects. This little one is useable and although it does not come with a case, it's still a handy size to toss into a makeup pouch that goes into your purse if need be.

I offer you two views of the powder as I've photographed them. I am working with a new camera. It's nothing fancy. Just a waterproof point and shoot that has a few features like being able to shoot two consecutive shots with and without flash so things can be seen in natural light. I am showing pretty much only the pictures in natural light as flash can often distort the colors. I stood next to a set of sliding doors on a sunny late morning so that none of the light is directly on the product. The picture above shows you the miniscule sparkles that are inherent in every Guerlain bronzer. I left the plastic sheet on top for the picture. These sparkles, while evident in some photographs, translate to a subtle glow and not disco-ball radiance.

The next picture offers you the color of the bronzer as you would see it when you open it up indoors. It seems less bronzy below but trust me, there's enough bronze in this shade to work well with a medium skin tone. As always, the powder is imbued with Guerlain's signature scent of violets. The entire package, with the brush, costs the same as buying just the bronzer (now $51). So if 03 is your shade, take the freebie.

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