Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chanel Fresh Effect Eyeshadow in Moon River

I have resisted long enough! So despite the dozen or so eyeshadow sticks I have amassed over the last couple of years, off I went to purchase Chanel's take on the trend, the limited edition Fresh Effect Eyeshadow. I chose the shade Moon River as it seemed to be the only one that filled any gaps in my collection and it was a color that I felt I may actually use quite often.

Moon River is a shimmery taupe. I sensed a goldenness to it when swatched but it sheered out a lot when I put it on so it didn't quite work out for the exact purposes that I wanted it. All told, it makes a nice sheer taupe wash that leaves a trail of shimmer as only Chanel can do. However, while shimmery, I don't feel uncomfortable wearing it during the day. In my experience, it doesn't fade much as the day progresses but it does crease if you put on many layers.

The texture reminds me a lot of the Illusion D'Ombre eyeshadows. It seems like the same thing, just made a tad more solid and put into a convenient stick. It has the same creaminess and is prone to the same type of sheering out when applied. A key difference though is the touch of cool that you feel when you first put on the Fresh Effect Eyeshadow. It's similar to the cooling sensation left by last year's eye glosses from Dior although the fresh feeling is fleeting at best.

It seems meant to be applied straight from the tube and blended out with fingers so I tried doing that but everytime I touch it to blend it out, I end up sheering it out quite a lot. I try to apply more product but then it starts to crease so I've decided that it was better left as a sheer wash. It's pretty but not mind-boggling. Also, I'm so iffy about the use of fingers to apply makeup. I prefer to use a brush. It can be done (a sheer wash can be created nicely with a fluffy eyeshadow brush like a MAC 217 or Laura Mercier's Finishing Eye Brush) but in the end, I miss the more opaque color I can get from my Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks and I feel limited by the usage possibilities of the Chanel product.

The Chanel Fresh Effect Eyeshadows are a limited edition product released with the 2013 summer collection L'Été Papillon de Chanel. Moon River is one of six available shades which retail for $34.00 each.

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