Friday, March 22, 2013

Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio - Petite (for home and away)

The first Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portolio that I purchased was such a joy that I couldn't help purchasing the petite version. My reasoning: the large portfolio is great for a weeklong trip or longer but possibly too much makeup for a weekend. Wanting a smaller version that occupies less space in an overnighter, the Petite Portfolio seemed a wise choice.

Although I like that this portfolio is brown with a thin wale kind of pinstripe texture, the surface seems to attract moisture and prints more than the faux snakeskin of the original portfolio. Size-wise, it's not quite half the size of the original, possibly a little bigger, the dimensions falling in at roughly about 9" x 6" x 2.75". Inside you will find two removable zippered mesh bags that are magnetized to the back of the case and a non-removable, double-sided brush page with pockets. They've also thrown in one customizable three-well compact. In overall concept, it's very similar to the original portfolio, down to the zippered hard shell case.

I managed to fill up the mesh bags with various Laura Mercier makeup to test its capacity. On one side, I put in three full-size lip glosses, 2 lipsticks and a powder compact.

On the other mesh bag, I put in a 6-well custom compact and two 3-well ones under it.

Then I filled up the brush page with a tiny foundation brush, random eye brushes on one side and three face brushes on the side without the cover flap.

Then came the problem. Would. Not. Close. I mean, I probably could close it with a fair bit of effort, squishing all the contents and possibly ruining a brush or two. But I'm not going to do that.

Carefully examining what I might truly want on hand for a weekend trip, I refilled the bags. This time, I went with an eye and cheek palette, 3 Caviar Sticks, a tube of mascara, one pot of gel eyeliner, 2 vials of foundation product and a sponge in one mesh bag.

On the other bag, I placed one concealer compact, one bronzer compact, one tube of lipstick, a lip pencil, brow pencil and eye pencil. I gathered up 4 eye brushes, 2 of which are dual-ended, a blush brush and a large angled powder brush and stuck them all on only one side of the brush page. I opted to use the side without the cover flap and selected brushes that would be short enough not to reach the top of the page. Set up this way, I could close the Petite Portfolio without difficulty although there really isn't room for anything else. (I've since reexamined this arrangement and decided to put the largest brush into the left-hand side mesh bag and move the rest of the brushes to the side with the cover flap. I also added two concealer brushes to the mix. Not visible, I have a sample packet of foundation primer in one of the pockets.)

I'm going to take the refilled portfolio on my next weekend trip and see if I found myself needing things I couldn't fit in there or if I still packed too much. If you asked me today, I think the Petite Portfolio is just a wee bit too small. If they were going with a dual-sided brush page, I felt that the outer case could use a quarter to a half an inch extra width. Or maybe make the brush page removable like the original portfolio's brush page. As it is, I've had to transfer foundation and tinted moisturizer to sample vials and I would have preferred to have an actual tube or two on hand. I also wanted to take along the new Laura Mercier Crème Eye Liner but the pot was a bit too thick so instead I had to grab a L'Oreal Infallible Lacquer Liner whose pot was a little smaller. I carry a tube of lipstick, compact powder, a pen concealer and powder brush in my purse so this isn't necessarily all the makeup I carry for a weekend. I know I have a ridiculous amount of makeup and I like to have options so perhaps some serious and thoughtful editing is all I need to make this Petite Portfolio work perfectly for me.

The Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio - Petite (for home and away) retails for $68 and is available online and at most Laura Mercier counters.


  1. Great Review! I have to ask, where did you get those small vials for your foundation?

    1. Those are foundation sample containers, Lancôme, I think. An associate from Nordstrom put two of them together for me when I bought some foundation but they didn't have my shade on hand. As I had to wait for them to ship, she gave me the samples to tide me over. You can get samples from most counters even without a purchase. Just ask (nicely, of course!).

  2. julieple@yahoo.comJuly 22, 2014 at 3:59 PM

    Wonderful review! Can you please let me know if the brush pocket would fit a 7 inch Hakuhodo brush? Thanks.

    1. A seven-inch in general would not fit based on the dimensions of the case (9x6). Sorry!