Thursday, March 28, 2013

Laura Mercier Crème Eye Liner in Violet

So my weekend test drive of the Petite Portfolio from Laura Mercier turned out well. I suppose I overpacked, like always. If I packed only what I truly needed to use, there was certainly enough room in there. I didn't even use the gel eyeliner that I took with me because I used the pencil, smudged then topped with liquid eyeliner. I really like my Lancome Artliner and I find that when I have that in front of me, I will inevitably use it, especially if I'm in a hurry.

Laura Mercier Crème Eye Liner - $22

On a very recent makeover with a Laura Mercier artist, she used the brand's new Crème Eye Liner in Noir to tightline and with the new Angled Eye Liner Brush, she added a quick layer of Violet above the lashline but just on the outer half of the eyelid. I liked the look I ended up with that day and decided to purchase Violet but not Noir. I also got the brush but I'll talk about that more another day.

Laura Mercier Crème Eye Liner in Violet

The Laura Mercier Crème Eye Liner in Violet is just the shade of violet that I wanted. Applied, it's dark enough to outline your peepers much like a black would, but gives that subtle pop of color that's perfect for spring. The texture is very creamy, unlike most cream or gel liners that I've had the chance to use in the past. I suspect that this creamy texture contributes to one of the selling points I was given, that the product does not dry out. However, I think it's too early for anyone to make that claim since no one person has had the Laura Mercier Crème Eye Liner for years.

I find this ultra-creamy texture doesn't actually improve the formula but makes it more difficult for me to use. It's hard to gauge how much product you're getting with each dip of the brush. I inevitably end up with too much every time. What's more, it takes forever to dry on the lid. Put on a thick line and if you open up your eyes too soon, it will transfer to your upper lid. If you want to put on successive coats, you'll want each coat to be really dry or it will pull color off of the previous layer that you've put on. Hard to build, in my opinion, only because of the long wait time between coats. Definitely not for the woman in a rush.

Laura Mercier Crème Eye Liner in Violet

For tightlining, I've found this product to be massively annoying to use. It gets messy if you have too much product on the brush. Try it on the waterline? I think not. This wouldn't last the day. The good news is, as my clumsy application technique once again resulted in having gotten some eye liner on my contact lens, I was able to rub it off with just a little solution and effort. I credit the long drying time to the ease of removal. Because it hadn't really dried on the lens yet, I could rub it off more easily.

One other piece of good news, if you can look past my other complaints, is that once the Crème Eye Liner has dried, it has excellent lasting power. It survived a 15-hour day outdoors easy-peasy. Not a smudge and no fading whatsoever. Prepare to bust out the waterproof eye makeup remover though. At the end of the day, it's the only thing that will get it off completely.

The Laura Mercier Crème Eye Liner currently comes in 6 shades: Canard, Cobalt, Espresso, Indigo, Noir and Violet. Lovely as the colors are, I don't think I would be purchasing more because I find other eyeliners easier to use. This is all a matter of what you're used to though, and what you generally like. Even buying the Angled Eye Liner Brush did not improve the experience for me. I guess deep down, I'm really a pencil liner gal.

UPDATE: To replicate the look done on my Laura Mercier makeover, I used my Lancome Artliner in Noir as a base layer for the Laura Mercier Crème Eye Liner in Violet and it worked really well. My final conclusion is that if you want real depth to the color, you still need to tightline with black and have a layer of black liner underneath Violet. This prevents Violet from looking patchy even when you put on a few layers without waiting for them to dry and makes it look darker. Using the Laura Mercier Angled Eye Liner Brush and dipping it ever so lightly into the pot, just get the tiniest amount of product that you can use above the lashline. It works for winged looks too but I'm not convinced that it's a good choice for tightlining.


  1. I so want to love these liners, but every time I try them several things go annoyingly wrong! Beautiful colors, though, and some definite strong points. I will keep trying! :) I think the biggest problem for me is the ultra smooth too thin texture, if that makes sense.

    1. It's not my favorite eyeliner either. I've found that once the novelty wore off, I never reached for the pot. It's not easy for me to use at all. I like this color a lot but I want something quick and easy for the summer. This is not it. Maybe in the fall...