Friday, February 15, 2013

Chanel Liquid Eyeliner in 20 Platine and 30 Purple

Chanel Liquid Eyeliner in Platine

Many times in the past, I had thought about buying a new liquid eyeliner from Chanel. I had stopped myself because I try my best to buy new products instead of old ones and these weren't out yet (the idea of loving something that was going to be discontinued soon means setting myself up for eventual heartbreak) and the Chanel associate that I used to buy the products from, she wasn't a big liquid eyeliner fan.

It's not for everyone, I suppose. Liquid eyeliner has its uses and I've turned to liquid for beautiful bold lines, a winged look here and there and the occasional super fast tightline. I bought two shades, both lovely to the core, the golden taupe metallic Platine and that sort of burgundy meets eggplant Purple that I've been wanting for ages. I didn't realize then that this was a love story that was going to fizzle out completely.

Above, Chanel Liquid Eyeliner in Platine

Above, Chanel Liquid Eyeliner in Purple

As it turned out, these are quite different from the old Chanel liquid eyeliners. I have difficulty using liquid eyeliner that has a floppy brush. I'm used to the Lancome Artliner which has a pointy rubber applicator instead of a soft brush at the end. I find Chanel's new eyeliner incredibly difficult to control. I wanted so much to follow the instructions for a natural look (see the instructions on the photo below) but because the brush is soft, I can't seem to neatly put the product in place. It makes a mess everytime. Maybe it's me and I'm not used to it but it just doesn't work for me.

Instuctions for the Natural Look

Swatches in sunlight: left, Purple; right, Platine

Swatches in artificial indirect lighting: left, Purple; right, Platine

The texture and formula of the two colors are different. The metallic one, Platine, has a little more grit while Purple is smooth to apply. Platine applies patchy and requires a good number of layers to show up. It was disappointing because I adored the color especially when swatched under the sun. It was easier to make the color appear on the Purple one but the drying time was too long for me. Despite loving both colors then, it was a product that I knew I wasn't ever going to reach for. There are other liquid eyeliners and other forms of eyeliner that are easier for me to handle. While I've loved a lot of Chanel makeup in recent years, these new eyeliners are too troublesome for me.

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