Monday, January 21, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Nail Set Part I

Urban Decay Naked Nail Set

I had some free time one morning and decided to saunter into the nearest Sephora. I looked at the Urban Decay display thinking about grabbing an eyeliner or two when I spied the new Naked Nail Set. The set contains six nail polish colors that echo the shades in the Naked palette.

Urban Decay Naked Nail Set

Although I've worn all six colors, let me start by showing you three. The shades Naked, Smog and Creep. Naked is a wonderfully opaque nude shade and I can see myself wearing this a lot. Application was very smooth. If they had this in full size, I would buy it.

Urban Decay Naked Nail Polish

Smog, despite the name, is a pleasant whiff of air. I have determined that this is my favorite in the set. It applies so well and didn't chip or fade in the days I had it on. I don't even think I got tip wear. Fantastic formula! It appears to have a violet base with copper shimmer so that when you have it on, from the top it looks all bronze but from the bottom, it looks purple. I like that added dimension but I love it for how flattering it looks on. Two coats gives serious opacity.

Urban Decay Smog Nail Polish

Creep is black with silver glitter. While that wouldn't be normal fare for me, I find that this is also a well-executed color that I would wear it. I think I like the nailpolish better than the eyeshadow :)

Urban Decay Creep Nail Polish

In the next post, I'll show you the other three colors in the set. However, if you need a quick idea of what they are, Toasted is a semi-sheer, frosted pink. It's the type that my grandmother wears a lot and although I love my grandmother, it's not a favorite in the set. Sidecar is a transparent color with glitter that I don't think was meant to be worn alone. It would work well as a glitter top coat if you're into that sort of thing. Hustle is a deep eggplant with microshimmer. In certain lighting it looks like it has a layer of dust over it but in sunlight, you'll the shimmer and it's gorgeous. This is probably my next favorite shade. The set retails for $26 and contains 6 bottles with 5 mL or 0.16 oz. each.

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