Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal 24hr Eyeshadow in 70 Barely Branded

I missed out on the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Barely Beige so the minute I saw Barely Branded, from the new Color Tattoo Metal line, I didn't stop to think and just grabbed it.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal 24hr Eyeshadow in 70 Barely Branded

If you're looking for an allover base color in the champagne family, Barely Branded would be a go-to color for you. It's a metallic beige that doesn't seem to lean too pink or too peach when I put it on. It does seem to look a little peachy in pictures, depending on the lighting but works for an all-purpose neutral with my skin tone.

Barely Branded

I have great respect for the original line up of the Color Tattoo Eyeshadows. They're easy to apply, affordable and I loved the colors that came out. Adding a Metal line was logical and there are five colors in that line so far (I'm still on the fence about picking up more). The only thing that was disappointing for me was that when I wore Barely Branded for the first time, not having added anything on top of it, I got creasing within 5 hours. Perhaps I'm better off using it as just a base (and it works with any color powder eyeshadow that you want to put on top of it). The powder shadow on top seems to make everything fine.

Not so metallic in these swatches but direct flash will make it shimmer like crazy

Note that Barely Branded is a Metal shade and while it may not look like there's much shimmer to deal with, it does have a metallic finish. Adding a matte beige powder eyeshadow or even a light dusting of loose powder on top will tone it down if you want to look like you're not wearing eye makeup. But worn alone, it does glisten a bit like the surface of a pearl. A single, really thin layer would look more natural.

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