Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Laura Mercier Eye Pencil in Stone Grey

The Laura Mercier Arabesque collection wasn't a big hit with me but I was convinced to purchase at least one product that I've never before tried from the brand. The Eye Pencil in Stone Grey, new with this collection, presented me with that not brown, not blue but not quite black option that I'm always looking for.

Laura Mercier Eye Pencil in Stone Grey

Stone Grey is a cool-toned grey shade. I say cool because I sense a blueness in the base but it's definitely grey. On first application, I liked how smooth it went on. Some pencils trade that glide for a sharp tip but this reaches the middle ground, holding its pointiness (for precise application) and remaining reasonably creamy at the same time. I thought that maybe I had been missing out since I'd never tried these before.

Laura Mercier Eye Pencil in Stone Grey

But unfortunately, this Laura Mercier Eye Pencil was no good on the bottom waterline/lashline. In two hours, it had made a mess underneath the eye area and all that definition I penciled in down there faded away. The top lashline remained intact for maybe 3 more hours before beginning to fade and I did not experience any transfer to the upper lid. I had determined that the only way to keep this liner intact was to set it with eyeshadow.

Compared to the kohl pencils which I kind of expect to smear unless set with powder, this creates a sturdier line. The kohls give intense color in a super creamy formula (that you can also use smudged all over the lid). This is more a traditional pencil liner, meant for quick definition. I was hoping that it would perform very well. It just didn't. So, would I buy another Laura Mercier Eye Pencil? Most likely not. There are simply many other brands in varying price points that outperform this liner and I probably need to stick with a waterproof formula.  I like this color though so I may just try to work with it some more.

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