Monday, January 7, 2013

Chanel Long-Lasting Eyeliners Spring 2013 (Or Rose, Santal, Béryl)

Hello again! Welcome 2013 with makeup that's spring-ready (because winter is the new spring) and take a gander at the nearest Chanel counter. I'm trying to take a breather from lip color and told myself that this year, I'm going to try and focus more on my eyes. Not to say that I'm foregoing lipstick. Absolutely not! But I plan to take a closer look at eyeliners and eyeshadows that really work for me. Printemps Précieux de Chanel for 2013 had a neat offering of three new eyeliners, all in their lovely waterproof formula (which is the only type of Chanel eyeliner that I buy now) and a new eyeshadow quad that's designed to go with the pink and plum lip colors.

Because you've likely seen the quad out of the box elsewhere, I'll start by showing you the three eyeliners in the collection. By number, 89 is Or Rose, a shimmery metallic beige with peach tones. The idea reminds me of Rose Platine but the execution falls short. This particular eyeliner doesn't place color as neatly or easily as Rose Platine. It can be a little patchy and takes a few extra strokes to get visible color and shimmer. But the issues I have with it are easily remedied with a little patience. Once on, it stays on the whole day and then some. I love the color and I would have liked to see it in the Illusion D'Ombre eyeshadow formula just because I think it would be spectacular as a lid wash. As a pencil liner, it's nice for a touch of glimmer above the lashline.

Chanel Long-Lasting Eyeliner in Or Rose

Number 100 is the shimmery brown Santal, the best of the bunch. I have a number of brown eyeliners in varying forms, from a lighter taupe to a deep espresso. Some are matte, some have shimmer and Santal was simply love at first swipe. I can't stop using it. It's not a light brown but it's not super intense so if I use it on the lashline, it looks beautifully natural. The shimmer is a bonus. You don't really see that on a thin line on an area as small as the eye but Chanel always does that subtle shimmer very nicely. It's versatile and it's pretty. It lasts all day with no running or fading. Total winner.

Chanel Long-Lasting Eyeliner in Santal

Rounding up the set is number 102, the lilac Béryl, the only shade that is not limited edition for now. I predict that this isn't going to be quite the bestseller for Chanel simply because many wouldn't find a lot of use for it. I bought it hoping that I would get a brilliant spring lilac but this lacks violet-power. It's but a shiver of lilac. When I put this on, it looks like I'm wearing white eyeliner. Ten years ago, somebody thought putting on white eyeliner helps make the eyes look wider and more awake. It was big in Asia! But I always felt weird in the look. A makeup artist put that on me for my brother's wedding and I couldn't wait to get out of his sight to remove it. It doesn't work for me. So maybe for the inner corner thing, you could try this shade. But for general purposes, if you're looking for a light-colored eyeliner, you may be better off seeking out the shade Beige which Chanel put out last spring with the Fleur de Lotus collection.

Chanel Long-Lasting Eyeliner in Béryl

All three eyeliners come in a twist-up tube that you might imagine will never need sharpening but they all come with a sharpener that's located up top (where the eraser would be on a normal pencil). Pull it off and don't forget to put it back! Use it to make your eyeliner look brand new. Sharpened properly, it should look as above. Tip: turn the sharpener and not the pencil. A newly-sharpened eyeliner works so much better than a dull one.

I took a picture of the three together so you can get a better idea of the colors as a collection. I also think that this picture (shown below), not having been taken in sunlight like the others, strangely, reflects the colors most accurately. The swatches were taken in sunlight and look warmer than I think they truly are. But for all intensive purposes, they still look true to color, except for Béryl which honestly looks like white when I put it on.

L-R: Or Rose, Santal, Béryl

Swatches L-R: Or Rose, Santal, Béryl (taken in sunlight)

So if you want my recommendation, grab Santal, try out Or Rose and buy if you like, but skip Béryl. If you're not a pencil liner kinda girl, have a look at the liquid liners that Chanel also recently released. I grabbed two of them but I'm saving that review for another day. And the quad, of course. That's a handy-dandy foursome of shadows. Up next.


  1. Thanks for this review it is very helpfull I was already planning on skipping Beryl because I did not know when I would need this colour as eyeliner. Santal looks like a beautiful brown but I do not know if it is unique enough to ad to my already big collection of brown eyeliners Or rose looks beautiful but I do have rose platine and love it do you think they are quite the same could I justify having both? thankx in advance.

    1. Or Rose is a little problematic to apply that if you have no opportunity to sample it for yourself and decide that it's worth it, I would suggest skipping it. They're completely different in color but there's a world of difference in the application.

      Santal is unique to the waterproof stylo line of Chanel but there are probably quite a number of metallic/shimmery browns from other brands that come close. I wore it with Urban Decay Underground (on the bottom lashline, Santal on the top) just the other day and I thought that they were similar. Laura Mercier's Brown Copper is dead-on but is in a kohl pencil formula. Unless you like this line of Chanel eyeliners a lot, I'm not certain it's worth it either :(

    2. Thanks for your honest advice, trying not to buy make up I already have or will not be using to much. Have a great day.