Friday, January 18, 2013

Burberry "Light Glow" Natural Blush in No. 9 Coral Pink

I always thought that Burberry's blush lineup needed a pink coral. But coral lovers beware. Burberry's interpretation of Coral Pink looks a lot like fuschia to my eyes. When I first opened the package, I literally went "Ack!" as the memory of Chanel Tweed Fuschia rolled in my head. A deeply pigmented fuschia blush is very difficult for me to pull off. And my experience with Burberry blushes has been that they are super well-pigmented. I'll tell you right now, Coral Pink is no exception. It is possibly even more heavily-pigmented than all the other Burberry blushes I own.

Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush in No. 9 Coral Pink

The Siren Red Collection (new for spring 2013, I do believe) features two blushes, No. 9 Coral Pink and No. 10 Hydrangea Pink. I kind of feel like they sent me No. 10 by mistake. But since I only ordered Coral Pink, I have no way to compare it with Hydrangea Pink. I checked the label on the back numerous times. What I have says Coral Pink. (I finally found a blogger's pictures of both and they are very similar with Coral Pink being ever so slightly warmer.)

I have four Burberry blushes so for reference purposes, I thought I'd set them side by side for comparison. Earthy is definitely brown next to all the pinks. Cameo pulls mauve and Peony is a pretty baby pink. In this lineup, Coral Pink at the very right looks like a dark pink.

Above left Peony, right Coral Pink (warmer lighting)

I swatched the colors in sunlight and that's when I got the sense of coralness to the shade. However, I have to warn that warm lighting tends to lend all pinks a certain peachness. You can also see that in the photo above.

When I put this color on, it is undoubtedly more fuschia than coral. I am simply very confused. I've always defined coral as a mix of pink and orange so therefore kind of a dark and bright peachy color. If anything, this Coral Pink is bright pink with the tiniest hint of coral shimmer. It's wearable, thank God, and actually quite pretty if done with a light hand and blended out perfectly. But it is very easy to overdo.

So I realize that this may be the problem with buying things online without having seen them in person. I really wish that there was a Burberry counter in PA. The King of Prussia Nordstrom could use one.

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