Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ariella Collection Symbol Rings

I had originally planned to write the post about the Chanel liquid liners that I'd recently purchased but they were such a disappointment that I kind of didn't feel like writing about them. Yesterday, I had the strangest day full of unpleasant surprises like my jacket getting stuck to the car door which resulted in me being unable to open the door and almost ripping out the jacket. I managed to resolve the issue by climbing back into the car from the back and pulling on the door latch and then pushing with a mighty shoulder until the door finally did open to reveal my now dirty but thankfully still intact tomato red jacket. I won't bother you with the details of all the other mundane unpleasantness that ensued after but I did make a promise to take myself shopping today to de-stress and here's what I took home with me from a quick trip to Nordstrom.

These Ariella Collection Symbol Rings were in one of the Nordstrom catalogs and after seeing them in person, how tempted was I to grab each and every one?! I finally settled on these two pairs: the cutout star and the pavé infinity symbol, and the cutout heart and pavé clover. Each style is available in silver or gold and there's also a pavé version for each style in silver or gold. The infinity symbol only comes in the pavé. The gold color ones are gold-plated and the silver ones are rhodium-plated. Each piece is $18. The pavé styles are $28 because of the crystals. I usually don't get costume jewelry with crystals because I always worry that they will fall out but the store did not have my pinky ring size available in the plain gold clover so I went with the pavé. Cute either way and looking at them makes me very happy :)

In the catalog, the girl wears them piled up on two fingers. I tried putting two or three on at a time but preferred the look of one ring per finger, on the ring and pinky finger only.

There is also a cross symbol and a few rings with messages on them like faith, lucky or dream. I would have loved to see these available in kids sizes so I could have gotten my little girl a gold star for her finger. Sizes available run from 5 to 9.

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