Tuesday, December 4, 2012

L'Oreal Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadow in 607 Blinged & Brilliant

I've bought a few of these L'Oreal Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadows and I guess the love affair is coming to an end. I last reviewed Smoldering Plum and Liquid Diamond and I like both of them but probably less so than I originally thought. After purchasing Blinged & Brilliant, pictured below, I realized that I have major issues with these hybrid pigments that will likely stop me from purchasing more in the future. But first, the product on hand.

Same packaging as the others. A screw off lid, an inner cover to press down the pigment and keep it from drying up. Color is visible from the clear bottom of the container and the top lid has the shade name and number.

The texture of Blinged & Brilliant isn't much different from its sisters. It's a shimmery, crumbly pigment packed into a plastic tub. Brushes, sponge-tipped applicators and fingers all work for application although none are included with the product. I try to never, ever dip my fingers into makeup so I scraped off a tiny bit with a spatula and put that on my arm. I pressed it down and swiped to get the swatch below. If you can get the pigment to even out on your lid that well, it looks so good. But with subsequent use, I realized that this formula does has a few cons that are difficult for me to look past.

Adherence is such an issue. I have to use a super-sticky primer with this product every time. NARS Smudge Proof is probably your best bet. The primer helps the pigment adhere to the lid and staves off creasing. But I'll tell you, I've managed to pop this on one morning and get immediate creasing. If you do, just press down on the creased area gently and the creasing will diminish or disappear.

What disappointed me was that it looked less peachy on my lid than it did in the swatch. I wanted it as a lid wash but I had hoped for a warmer shade. Amber Rush is in the same family but warmer, darker and overall better, I think. Blinged & Brilliant comes off a little silvery. If that's the color you've been looking for, then track this down, by all means. I suspect that it's limited edition and the only place I ever see it now is at the supermarket (Wegmans has it) and Ulta but I'm sure some online merchants will still have it. Otherwise, spring for Amber Rush. It's similar enough to be used for the same purposes but Amber Rush is in the regular line, not limited edition.

I'm more used to working with traditional powder eyeshadow and still struggle with using the type that has loose pigments. A quick tap to shake off the excess from the brush helps to keep fall out during application to a minimum but I constantly long for the easy blendability of a smooth powder eyeshadow. I like a lot of other shades from the line much more than I like Blinged & Brilliant. At the current price point, I would keep it and use it once in awhile but it's not making my favorites list anytime soon.

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