Thursday, December 20, 2012

Guerlain Spring 2013 Makeup Collection - select items now at Sephora

It's been really tough to find the time to blog lately. I have only a few new-ish items left to review before the year ends, and I may yet end up posting those reviews early next year. However, I did get a chance to stop by a Sephora today and saw that they already carried a couple of items from Guerlain's Spring 2013 Makeup Collection: Cils D'Enfer. I had previously ordered the new Maxi Lash mascara, but it continues to sit in my drawer as I just haven't found the time to review it. Sephora has had it in stock online for weeks now, in the shade Noir. However, no sign of the other items from the collection: eyeshadow quads or lipsticks. The lip glosses are repromotes and I have already reviewed the lovely Frizzy Mango from spring 2011. I am keen on having another look at the fuschia-colored Cherry Pink (originally from spring 2012).

The centerpiece for the 2013 spring line is the new Cils D'Enfer (Maxi Lash) mascara, which should come in Black and Violet, and the super-sized Météorites Perles du Paradis. (Pardon the mobile pictures in uneven store lighting)

While the combination of pink, silver and violet is super enticing, I have already told myself that I will not be getting this tin of Météorites pearls until I've made a bigger dent in the two tins that I already have. These are massively different from the three Météorites available in the regular line, and from the two special edition ones that I've already purchased: Perles du Dragon and Perles D'Azur.

I took a picture of the tester tin at Sephora next to the testers of the three shade offerings in the regular line. You can see some of the differences quite clearly. The tin and the actual pearls are much larger in size and it is packaged with a pretty puff. Collectors are bound to hand in the $70 for this tin without batting an eyelash.

I have heard that this is designed for body use, although I'm certain that all Météorites can be used on face and body for an overall glow. After testing, I think that it comes off as a pink-based highlight which is nice if you tend to look pale or ashen in the winter. Personally, this shade of pink is something that my cheeks naturally produce in animated conversation so I'm going to pass. Lovely packaging, however, as always.