Thursday, November 8, 2012

Guerlain Météorites Perles du Dragon Illuminating Powder - Pure Radiance

I bought it for the tin. There, I said it. Sure, it's been fun to dip my brush into a pot of pearls. That ever so subtle your skin looks amazing thing when you put it on - that's just a bonus. Because honestly, if you're not buying it for the love of highlighting, you have got to be buying it for some reason. I'm head over heels about the theme (dragons are a weakness, unfortunately) and the black and gold combination looks exquisite.

The black sponge covers the pearls when you open the tin

Perles du Dragon contains six different colored pearls in the bucket: pale pink, beige, white, gold, plum and rosewood. The combination is designed to even out, illuminate and brighten the complexion. In a way that I still find hard to articulate, it works. I am a fan for life.

Thinking that the Météorites pearls tend to look the same when on, I bought this tin with the intention of pouring out all of my pearls (from this tin and the Pucci tin) into a bigger tin and using the pretty containers for another purpose. It seems unlikely that I will be doing that now because I think that the Perles du Dragon Météorites look better on me than the Pucci pearls. How so, you might be wondering? I thought long and hard about how to answer this and here is my conclusion: it's the combination of pearls that makes a difference.

When I use the powder only on a few high points of the face, the effect is somewhat the same. When I use a little more, like as a finishing powder for the entire face, the Pucci pearls come out more white and Perles du Dragon is more complementary to my natural skin tone. It is perhaps the mixture of rosewood, plum and gold that make it more appropriate to my coloring. I'm tempted to pluck out just the pearls that I want and create my own mix now. But I'm afraid that if I get it wrong, I won't be able to recreate the original combo that I liked. I am wondering though, if Guerlain counts the pearls that goes into each bucket. I suspect that the selection is very deliberate.

Here's another analogy to describe Météorites applied right. It's like top coat. Sometimes I think I can go without but nail color just looks so much better with it on. Meteorites pearls do that to your skin. No, it isn't shiny but the skin gets a porcelain finish that only gets better as the product settles on the skin.

I'd been experimenting with brushes to use with it and a variety of powder brushes work well. From the very large Kevyn Aucoin powder brush to the small and pointy MAC 165, it all works. Any size in between serves the purpose too: an inexpensive Revlon powder brush or a smaller Sephora Mineral Powder Brush #45 but lately, I've been using a Laura Mercier Blending Brush. It's been my favorite so far.

I'll be quick to admit that this isn't a must-have. I can go on with my day without it on but on the days that I do put it on and I catch glimpses of my face in the rearview mirror, the sun makes my skin sparkle softly and I feel so daintily pretty. As a substitute for a loose setting powder, it's done the job of keeping my foundation in place too. You won't look like a discoball, promise. Just don't go nutty during application. A soft illuminance is what we're going for.

So, if you've never tried the Météorites pearls before, the Liu Collection's Perles du Dragon would be a phenomenal starting point. I bought mine at Nordstrom. It's a shame that it hasn't popped up on Sephora's website because the VIB 20% coupon started today. I went to the store and picked up a few brushes that I've been looking to try (Hourglass ones), along with a few essentials. They have the NARS 500 point perk available. My store just got it in this morning. Happy!


  1. I've been so curious about the meteorites. Part of me really wants them, and part of me doesn't think they are worth the money! Xx

    1. Honestly, it's not a necessity. It's definitely a splurge. After this tin, I feel like I have to stop buying them because they last forever. If you do buy, try it when you can get some kind of discount (like a Sephora 20%?) and make sure it's a store that will take it back if you don't love it.

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm really curious about this too. Too bad it's hard to capture pictures of this!