Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yes to Baby Carrots Face + Nose Wipes

When the Yes to (fill in with vegetable) brand came about a few years ago, I didn't think that it was going to take off. But when some of their items started to go on clearance at my local Target, I found myself grabbing a few lip balms. I gave one to my friend, who liked it. I kept one for myself. I also received a few samples of the Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes. I thought that the brand had promise.

I picked up a bag of Yes to Baby Carrots Face + Nose Wipes one time because I was dissatisfied with the performance of the Boogie Wipes saline wipes that we used on my daughter. The contents of the Boogie Wipes bag dry up rather quickly (the cover is flimsy and can come off) and I thought that the wipe itself could be softer.

Click to enlarge for ingredients list

Yes to Baby Carrots Face + Nose Wipe

Yes to Baby Carrots Face + Nose Wipes have a similar concept, being saline-based. The cloth itself seems thicker and softer than the Boogie Wipes and it seems to be better overall as wipe to use all over the face. It removes surface dirt pretty well and even with my daughter's sensitive skin, we haven't had any issues. The wipes have not dried up on me, so far and the bag closure is easier to open and close, not to mention more secure. Even my husband prefers these over the Boogie Wipes.

Because I wanted to test the cleaning powers of Yes to Baby Carrots Face + Nose Wipes further, I decided to see if it could clean off foundation that had dried on my hand. The picture below shows the portion of my hand where I had mixed up today's batch of Guerlain Parure de Lumiere which I used this morning.

Above, with foundation on

I got one wipe out of the bag and wiped off the foundation. The picture below shows what my hand looked like immediately after wiping it with the Yes to Baby Carrots Face + Nose Wipes. Pretty clean, huh? Works as well as the Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes!


Target had a few bags of the Yes to Baby Carrots Face + Nose Wipes on clearance over the weekend. It's not a big discount (down to $5.08 from $5.99) but I picked up another bag anyway. I've seen coupons once or twice on Target's website. Right now, we are saying no to Boogie Wipes and Yes to Baby Carrots! (for reference, Boogie Wipes are shown below. All pictures are clickable if you need to read the ingredients up close)

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