Tuesday, October 2, 2012

RImmel Natural Bronzer in 021 Sun Light

I wear bronzer all year long. I like the warmth that it adds to the face. I swear by Guerlain's Terracotta bronzers but they really do cost a pretty penny. If you're in a crunch, may I offer a less expensive alternative that you should easily be able to find at your nearest Target store: the Rimmel Natural Bronzer. Mine comes in 021 Sun Light.

First, I like the huge pan. I can dig in with any brush that I feel like using. The pigments adhere easily to the brush and I have no problems building color evenly on my face and neck. This shade, in particular, works so well with my post-summer skin tone that it looks very natural on.

Admittedly, in comes in a cheap plastic case that I wouldn't carry in my purse. The top can get unscrewed easily. Also, there's no mirror and no room for a brush. It has no applicator included. But even without the extras, for under $5, I think this is a steal. It's easy to use and isn't shimmery. On the strength of the product itself, I'd recommend it. (Note: product is scented and contains minerals.)

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