Sunday, October 7, 2012

Revlon ColorStay Whipped Crème Makeup

I spied this new foundation from Revlon a few months back at a local CVS. I walked in there hoping to pick up some of the lip stains but they had run out of the colors I wanted so I settled for this instead. How I go from attempting to buy lipstick to getting a jar of foundation is beyond me but I did it anyway :)

Figuring out the proper shade for me was pure guesswork so I had to ask at the register regarding the return policy and was assured that if I didn't like the product, I had 60 days in which to return it. Armed with this confidence, I went home with shade 220 Nude.

I bought this in the summer, during that phase where I attempted to go foundation-free so it sat on my desk for quite awhile before finally going out for a test drive. I confess that cream foundation is probably one of my least favorite types of foundation. I'm partial to liquid makeup with light but buildable coverage so I'm pleased to say that this whipped cream formula has the lightness of a liquid (perhaps because it's whipped) and it's easy to apply.

The product comes in a jar, which I'd have to say is probably among the least hygienic ways to package foundation. In an attempt to not have to dip my fingers into the pot, I take a chunk out put it on the back of my hand and promptly return the plastic cover before screwing the lid back on.

this is probably more than you need for a full face

I use a foundation brush to spread it across the face. The initial coat seems to give light coverage so I feel the need to go over certain areas a number of times to even out the skin to a level that I like. It's buildable but there's no mistaking that you've put on makeup. While I wouldn't describe it as completely mask-like, and it certainly doesn't feel heavy like that, there's a serious disparity in color between my face and neck. Perhaps it's that the shade wasn't perfect on me. It's wearable, just too pink. (There are 16 shades. Maybe I should have gone with Sand Beige.)

Revlon ColorStay Whiped Crème Makeup in 220 Nude

I've found that I don't actually need to use a primer when I wear this foundation. While I would never leave my makeup on for 24 hours, this lasts through the day. However, the skin needs to be well-buffed before application and then moisturized evenly. Otherwise, you'll get an unsavory patchy look about you. That's probably true of all foundations but more so with this. In the beginning, it seemed somewhat drying but my skin adjusted well to it. I've found that using a damp sponge pressed on to the skin helps give it a brighter, more even finish (as it looks matte otherwise). Then I add a light layer of Guerlain Meteorites all over. After everything settles in, you have a porcelain finish.

As for removal, I've found that this isn't as difficult to remove as some other ColorStay makeup that I've tried in the past. A makeup wipe seems to get the job done sufficiently. Of course, this could simply mean that makeup removers today are so much better than ones I used in the past. But I didn't have a hard time getting it off and that's what counts.

Ultimately, I'd say this is a very nice foundation product. I wish that the shade I got was perfect because I can see myself wanting to use this more if that was the case. It really does look nice when you want to look made-up and it doesn't make me greasy so it requires less touching up. However, I still prefer using something that's not in a jar and if only for that reason, I wouldn't attempt to repurchase this in another shade. If that doesn't bother you, you might like this very much.

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  1. the reason why i hate getting foundations = not the right shade >.< everyone raves about this product though.