Monday, October 15, 2012

L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Blush

Time to play catch up! I've had this post on the backburner for months now. Having recently added two more colors to my collection, I thought it was high time for a feature.

I wore the L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Blush in Baby Blossom for my wedding. True! And I used Bare Honey to contour. I've gotten a lot more extravagant in my makeup choices since then but there's really no reason you can't walk into a drugstore and come out with products worthy of that special day.

Of the compacts you see in the pictures, the two larger ones are the regular-sized True Match Blendable Blushes and the two smaller ones are sample size compacts that I got with the purchase of the foundation powder from the same line.

The compacts all come with a brush, as pictured below. The brush is in a compartment at the bottom of the compact where the mirror can be found as well. The small blushes pictured below do not have a mirror. The regular-sized ones do.

The two newer shades I have are Precious Peach and Innocent Flush. You'll notice in the product name, there is a letter-number combination like N1-2. This is key to understanding the premise of the True Match line. C shades are cool, N shades are neutral and W shades are warm. These letters designate the undertones that the shades are designed for. The lower the number next to it, the lighter the shade will be.

Above, Precious Peach

Above, Innocent Flush

While I generally consider myself more warm-toned than cool, I tend to ignore the shade designation for blushes. I wear any blush I like. I do, however, stick to the lighter categories, and have managed to collect all three lightest colors, and the one darker Innocent Flush for N3-4 complexions. I could wear any of their foundation powders from N1-3, depending on the time of the year although in the liquid foundation formula, N2 seems to be the best match.

L-R: Baby Blossom C1-2, Bare Honey W1-2, Precious Peach N1-2, Innocent Flush N3-4

There are 12 blush shades in this line. I have swatched four of the ones meant for lighter skintones above. Baby Blossom is a cool-toned pink. Bare Honey is a tawny beige. Precious Peach is a light peach and Innocent Flush is a shimmery coral. I'm really liking Innocent Flush. Precious Peach is too light, even for me. Baby Blossom has the best pigmentation of all four and the shimmer reflects multi-colored sparkles which makes it very interesting although still natural. I don't like Bare Honey as blush but it worked for me as a light bronzer.

All the shades do have a shimmer component but they are not ridiculously apparent. I have a swatch set that I took prior, which shows some of that shimmer a little better. You can click to enlarge the picture.

L-R: Baby Blossom C1-2, Bare Honey W1-2, Innocent Flush N3-4

With blush, I always feel like less is better so I don't mind if the pigmentation isn't heavy. I had to scoop out product and spread it across my arm to get these swatches. I don't think anyone would apply blush this heavily in real life. I tend to use very little blush so it takes me forever to get through such products. You get a generous amount in each compact with these. MSRP is $10.95 but there are always promotions and coupons are easy to find.

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