Monday, October 8, 2012

BECCA Lip & Cheek Crème in Blossom

I've noticed that Sephora has resumed carrying BECCA products. Right now, there are less than 20 products available online but it looks like they add more items periodically so some of the key products from the brand should soon be available.

I purchased the few BECCA items that I have from a Duane Reade in Manhattan. I wasn't very familiar with BECCA so I started with some basics that I'd heard good things about. If you recall, I featured the Mineral Blush in Damselfly earlier this year. Sephora has that in stock. I also mentioned the Compact Concealer in one of my concealer features. However, I did not find my shade (Banana) in Sephora's listing.

In this post, I have the BECCA Lip & Cheek Crème. It's a travel-friendly dual-purpose product housed in a compact with a mirror. It looks much like a lot of BECCA products (the so-called flying saucer packaging) and seems sturdy. I picked a very subtle shade, Blossom, described as a caramel nude. I imagine that it's designed to be applied with fingers. Having no need for an applicator would certainly make it handy to carry around. I try to use a brush whenever I can but I think this one truly blends better when applied with the fingertips.

As a blush, this performs as I would expect most cream blush products to. It disappears into the skin as your fingers warm it up. It's not terribly hard to blur the edges but the shade is so light that I have a hard time trying to figure out if I've put on enough. A few times, I kept adding more product and then ended up with quite a bit too much. But that's probably my inexperience with cream blush at work. I'm partial to powder. I'm just always sucked in by the promise of a natural-looking flush.

To make your flush last, you can set it with powder and BECCA is armed with an admirable selection of loose powders for this purpose. For me, I find Blossom to be incredibly light in color that I feel it's better set with (loose) powder blush as opposed to translucent powder.

Blossom is shimmer-free. Without powder on top, it looks dewy. But on the lips, it looks dry and dull, no matter what I do with it. I've tried it a number of ways, mixed with lip balm, over lip liner, under gloss and unfortunately, it does not work. Use it as blush and you should be alright but carry something else for your lips.

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