Tuesday, October 9, 2012

BECCA Fine Loose Finishing Powder in Sesame

I'm always on the lookout for a really good yellow-based finishing powder and I'd heard that BECCA makes some excellent loose powder in a wide variety of shades so I decided to try the Fine Loose Finishing Powder in Sesame.

BECCA Fine Loose Finishing Powder in Sesame

Sesame is light yellow with a translucent effect on skin. At first I thought, the color reminds me of T. LeClerc's popular Banane loose powder but after comparing them side by side, it seems I was mistaken (or my Banane changed color, but I no longer use it because it is too old). Either way, the finish of the Becca powder is lighter and less noticeable. It's less powdery-looking, if you will. You need a minute amount to set your makeup. It won't cake if you add more but tons of powder doesn't look flattering no matter what you use.

Although I feel like I've seen a few powders that are more finely-milled, the BECCA Fine Loose Finishing Powder works very well for the purpose of setting foundation. It must suck up a little oil in the process because it doesn't need frequent touch-ups. It is, however, good for that purpose as well. What I do wish is that they would trade up for better packaging. The lid on mine does not seem to close properly. Whenever I pick it up (and you would inevitably pick it up by the lid), all I end up doing is getting the lid off. More than once this has resulted in my dropping the container.

Initially, I followed the instructions to pull open just one side of the sticker that covers the sifter holes. Then I would close it after every use. But it is such a pain to get the product out. Eventually, I decided to remove the entire sticker. Serious mistake. It spilled powder everywhere, even with the puff left in. Given that the lid is faulty, this situation needed a quick mending.

What I've finally done is to tape up the sifter completely. I opened the inner lid (the one with the sifter) and transferred a small amount into a large powder tin. I dip my brush/puff into that whenever I use it. I just add more when I need to.

Barring some needed improvements to the delivery system, I would consider repurchasing the BECCA Fine Loose Finishing Powder in Sesame in the future. I like that it's yellow-based and doesn't turn into an odd shade of white, pink or orange throughout the day. It melts into the skin and becomes invisible. It is talc-based, if that matters. Overall, I think it's well done.

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  1. Awful packaging - I fully agree. I've spilled so much if this, which make it even more expensive. The packaging of their powder blush is just as bad; it seems the lid is a lot heavier than the bottom and because of that it fell of my shelf and bkoke :-(. What a shame because the products are quite good.

    1. Oh that's too bad. I didn't have an issue with the blush but I totally get what you're saying about the lid being heavier than the bottom. I really wish they'd change their product packaging. I might be inspired to try out more products then.

  2. I have a trick that maybe could help you: When I get a new powder, I pierce some holes through the sticker protection with a needle. Like that, I can control how much powder get out more accurately.