Wednesday, October 31, 2012

After the rain

I feel like I've been playing the waiting game this past couple of weeks. Waiting for the rain to stop, waiting for the inevitable power outage, waiting for the power to come back on, waiting for the cable, the internet etc... things that feel so normal to have everyday but mean so little in the face of a life-threatening storm. Apart from moving things out of our basement in the middle of the night (and despite a back up sump pump, we still got a foot of water down there), most of my night was spent trying to reassure my 5 year old that things will be back to normal and figuring out the safest and most comfortable way to get everyone to sleep.

After the storm, and everything was restored in our home, I suddenly found it oddly normal-feeling to sit by the side of the tub and stare out the large bay windows waiting for the sun to reappear. I know I saw it this morning, peeking out of the clouds, boring through the blinds and I remembered what the sun always stood for. Hope. But after I'd gone down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, it was gone. That fleeting memory imprinted in my mind (and mostly my imagination, as I never actually pulled the cord to open the blinds and look at it) keeps me waiting. I'm next to a different window now, and in front of a computer. The forecast promised clouds and a little rain. But I know the sun is out there and I know I'm going to see it again later.

(If you puzzled over the flower pictures, I just didn't want to post without pictures and these flowers feel like the sun to me. These were taken at a Longwood Gardens exhibit in spring last year.)

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