Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The New Chanel Rouge Allure in 93 Exaltée and Fuschia 55 Precision Lip Definer

The new Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colours are now available in 16 shades. There seem to be quite a number of reds and a few rudimentary pinks that all start to look alike the more I stare at them. I told the Chanel associate that I was getting a little bored with the usual colors that I buy and I wanted something exciting. "How do you like your red?," she asked. "A little more blue, perhaps? Or warmer?," she continued. I told her that I'm usually recommended a cherry but that was not what I had in mind. Perhaps a fuschia. For fall, you know?

Exaltée is described as an intense fuschia and I think that it stands out from the pinks and reds. To be released with a Lip Definer named Fuschia, I expected a match made in heaven. I recommend grabbing both. If I had to spell out the differences between the pencil and the lipstick, I'd say there's a little more rosiness to the lipstick and the pencil is simply very fuschia. The pencil seems to have a matte finish. The lipstick ends up being more of a semi-matte. The colors are vibrant on both pencil and lipstick. Wearing it, I had no doubt that all anyone could see were my lips.

The Chanel associate had suggested just dabbing it on if I wanted more subtle color. I could do that, but I smiled at her and said, "Watch me pile it on." The finished product which you see in the pictures is a rich, rosy, almost electric fuschia that is completely opaque. I applied the product directly from the tube (there seem to be no changes in the design of the tube) and rounded up the edges with the fuschia liner. This ensures that the color doesn't bleed and defines the shape of the lips. I didn't even need to use the lip brush on the other side of the pencil. She approved.

On that first outing, I felt that the new formula hugged the lips better. Application was incredibly smooth and I had no problems layering on the color. It's the kind of formula that I think is wasted if you're just going to get something subtle. Pick something dramatic! But prepare lips well. They need to be moisturized as I find the formula a little bit drying after awhile.

Because Exaltée is such a bold color, you may need to strengthen the brows to balance the look. Curl and tint the lashes, then add a little eyeliner to finish. A winged look was suggested, and no eye shadow. Keep them looking at your lips.

Lipliner in Fuschia on left, Rouge Allure lipstick in Exaltée on right

Note that this shade can look very different depending on the natural color of your lips and your skin tone. You can see in the very first picture in this post that when set against a green backdrop and photographed in the shade, the violet tones come across more strongly. I think it pulls neon pink on my lips, especially in pictures. I picked the most true to color swatch on my arm, lip liner and lipstick, an even and matching fuschia pink.


  1. I totally agree with you if you buy one of these babies go for colour I sure did the sales lady pulled the reds ones out but I was drawn to the fuchsia after testing it on the lips she agreed it had the wow factor and of course I bought the beautiful fuchsia lip liner as well. Love to see that Lisa Eldrigde has a video putting on these products as well. Thanks for posting makes me happy when reading others enjoy the same produts as I do. xx

    1. Oh I need to see that video! Thanks for your comment :)