Monday, September 10, 2012

Rouge G de Guerlain for fall

It is finally...

This is my favorite month of the year. The weather begins to cool (and after a couple of weeks in the south, I need some serious cooling down) and the month itself is full of landmark events. Birthdays... anniversaries... the first day of school and an official switch over to fall makeup for me.

I didn't acquire much of the fall selections that have come out. I made some very careful decisions about what to purchase based on what I think I might want to use more frequently in the coming weeks. I wanted to zero in on more unique shades that still adhere to the classic look that I've set for myself. This is usually the time when I do my annual weeding out of little loved cosmetic purchases. It made me realize that I have more than enough shades of violet nail polish, for instance, but not enough beige (which totally justifies indulging in the L'Oreal New York Nudes collection). I rediscovered forgotten favorites in my stash (hello my Rouge G's) and I am making a concerted effort to try products out before making purchases.

The Rouge G above was purchased from a Guerlain boutique in Orlando that offered free engraving services the weekend that I was there. They surprised me by adding some gold to the engraving. I always thought that they only did it in silver (see my Rouge G in Gisele here). They engrave on perfume bottles too but their latest La Petite Robe Noire did not quite interest me.

The new Rouge G L'Extrait matte lip colors felt very nice on the lips and were very long lasting. I seriously thought about grabbing either M65 or M71 but was majorly put off by having the shades named after the seven deadly sins. I'm trying to imagine being asked by a complete stranger what shade of lipstick I'm wearing and responding with either sloth or gluttony. It didn't feel good. If there's humor there, it's completely lost on me. M41 Envie was the only one whose name I could stand but my husband was irked by how very orange it looked on me. So I picked from the fall Rouge G lipsticks instead and settled on Gracy 76 (the engraved case I have shown above). Review soon.

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