Thursday, September 27, 2012

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadow in Rich Mahogany

The Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadows have been among the most impressive drugstore cosmetic products that I've seen all year. It's so impressive that I've amassed more pots than I imagine using up in a lifetime of wearing makeup and I still can't stop myself from looking and buying whenever I see new ones come out. This fall, I've seen at least 8 new colors. I think they're all limited edition and they've been hard to find. I realized that I must have caught on a bit late in the game since I was away on holiday through parts of August and September so I got my hands on but one... for now.

Rich Mahogany... a deep brown with multi-colored (mostly gold and red) sparklies. When I think of mahogany, I expect a lot of reddish tones which I generally don't want, but I was surprised that this translated mostly as a dark brown. A very multi-purpose metallic dark brown which I feel that the regular line lacked. It's so much darker than Bad To The Bronze so you are completely justified in having both. And Rich Mahogany is limited edition, so you'll want it for sure.

I have to admit that cream shadows really aren't my favorite thing. I find powder to be so much more blendable. Cream shadows by themselves make it hard to achieve the eye effect that I want for everyday but I appreciate them as base color. Powder adheres to the lid a thousand times better with a base. Rich Mahogany gives you instant depth and admittedly, is flattering all by itself.

Let me tell you what I did the first time I wore Rich Mahogany out. I picked up this L'Oreal HIP Matte Shadow Duo for 56 cents at Target so I wanted to test drive it.

I plunked on a good strong layer of Rich Mahogany on the lid with no primer and then I put on the matte yellow shade on two thirds of the lid from the inside to the center. I used the matte dark brown on the outer third and worked it into the crease. Then I blended down with a sheer beige on the rest of the lid. I lined the entire eye with a strong black liner (first a pencil, then liquid on top) and finished off with black mascara. I got compliments on this look all day long, I tell you.

When I open my eyes, you don't see the individual colors that created the look. But that's the beauty of it. Everything comes together to draw attention to the eye and not necessarily the makeup. You could add more Rich Mahogany higher up on the lid up to the browbone if you want it to be more obvious. But that's not my style. Rich Mahogany is a brown workhorse if there ever was one and you'll be pairing it with a hundred different things. I think you'll enjoy it.

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  1. This dark brown-red color looks beautiful! Maybe a way to wear the red lid trend without looking crazy.
    Also, thanks for showing the effect on your eye! I find pictures of applied make-up much easier to figure product out than written descriptions.