Friday, September 21, 2012

L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Color in 201 Park Ave Luncheon

L'Oreal nail polish has become a bit of a guilty pleasure. With the release of a dozen or so new shades, I didn't have a hard time picking out the New York Nudes Collection as my first indulgence. I grabbed two shades. This is 201 Park Ave Luncheon.

Park Ave Luncheon is a creamy beige. In my experience, it comes off a bit chalky-looking upon first application but it warms up as it dries. The longer I have it on, the better it starts to look. I had it applied on my toes at a nail salon but couldn't get a proper answer from the technician on whether or not it was difficult to apply. I thought she had a little trouble with it but either she was reluctant to admit having difficulty with any nail polish formula, couldn't express herself very well and couldn't explain to me what the issue was, or perhaps she didn't even understand my question.

Applying it myself on the fingers, I wasn't terribly pleased with the formula. I thought it was a little on the thick side but when I attempted thinner coats, I couldn't get the nail coated properly. I felt that it required going over a few places a number of times to get a more or less even coating throughout the entire nail. Nonetheless, it's a good color when you simply want to look polished.

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