Sunday, September 16, 2012

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gloss 873 Grenade In!

After having been seduced by the Rouge G in Gracy (76), I found myself yet again enamored by one of Guerlain's fall 2012 offerings. This time, I purchased Kiss Kiss Gloss 873 Grenade In!

I try not to think about the funky name too much. The gloss itself is only labelled with a number at the bottom. It's a number that I think I need to remember. I can see this gloss becoming more than the flavor of the month in my collection. I know I've been using it daily since I got it. Despite looking dangerously orange in the tube, it's actually a mildly shimmery nude coral on the lips.

My limited experience with the Kiss Kiss Gloss line tells me it's a superb lip gloss. It comes with a brush applicator (which I've always preferred over the doe foot) and has just the right consistency. It is neither too tacky nor slippery. It applies smoothly, offers plenty of shine and lasts longer than any other gloss I've tried.

I find the Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gloss 873 (Grenade In!) to be a versatile and natural shade for lips. It definitely warrants all-year usage, caressing the lips with moisture and delivering superior shine. Worn alone or over mildly stained lips, it works its magic. Fall or not, it's definitely a new favorite.

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