Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sonia Kashuk Bamboo Chic Flat Shader Brush

Browsing at Target a couple of weeks ago, I spied this brush in the mark down bins. The Sonia Kashuk Bamboo Chic Flat Shader Brush, regularly $7, now 50% off. I thought, why not?

I have a couple of brushes like this in my collection. A MAC 214 Short Shader Brush and a Sephora Classic Smudge Brush #14. I typically use a brush of this shape, size and density for smudging eyeliner and/or applying powder shadow really close to the lashline.

The bamboo handle is pretty and isn't difficult to hold. The brush feels light. The hairs are not too stiff but have enough density to perform the job. I honestly think it's comparable to the two brushes that I mentioned above. It's extremely similar and functions the same way. For $3.50, I don't mind a spare.


  1. I had this one for a long time but I didnt like is just too harsh on my eye area...I love the design of bamboo tho

    1. The hairs are a little stiffer than the MAC's, maybe that's it.