Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Clarins Vital Light Day Cream

I received a generous sample of the Clarins Vital Light Day Illuminating and Anti-Aging Comfort Cream (two samples in fact, which gives me a total of a full ounce of product) which I have used in the past weeks. As I used up the last of the product today, I thought it only fitting to finally write this review.

First things first. It's summer. I probably picked the worst time to test this product because it is a very rich cream. It comes out an extremely thick peach cream that when rubbed between the fingers or hands, becomes a resolutely oily but clear moisturizer. Applying it to the face, I feel enveloped in the heaviness of it while basking in the enormous amount of fragrance that they have put in it.

The fragrance, I don't mind too much. This doesn't actually smell bad, just perfumed. The smell eventually goes away and it's all good. But it takes time for my skin to full absorb the product so I feel like I can't put on makeup right away. This doesn't have SPF in it but I know that there is a version with. Fine and dandy for those who prefer not to use chemical sunscreens. I normally prefer day creams with SPF so I don't need to put on too many layers in the morning.

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My experience with this product, well, I simply don't like it. The thickness of the cream, the ten million years that it takes to absorb into the skin, and the lack any tangible positive effects after using a full ounce of product has made me think it's not worth the price. There are better ways to spend $85. This product, I urge you to skip.

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