Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 560 Kook-A-Mango

This is a lovely shade of red orange from the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure range. Kook-A-Mango is probably more red than orange. You could pass it off as a dark coral. It's the very first bottle that I've tried from this line. They boast a formula that doesn't require a base coat or top coat and on my first outing with Kook-A-Mango, I applied it just so. No base coat, just one coat of Kook-A-Mango and no top coat. What do you think?

It reaches a pretty good level of opacity with one coat that one could certainly get away with just that. Application was a cinch. This particular brush, wide and flat, with a rounded edge, is well-suited to the curvature of my nail bed so I lay the brush straight down the center for the first coat, then pass over each side once and it's done. It does remind me of the brush of Dior nail polishes but I can't tell you which came first, just that I'd first seen it with Dior.

On the nail wheel, I did two coats for more saturated color. The finish is wonderfully glossy and it dries quickly. Perfect for when you're in a rush. However, in this particular case, the quick manicure resulted in less than perfect nails at the end of the day. I had tip wear worth 3-5 days by the afternoon on the day of application. So while I declare their promise of not needing the base or top coat unfulfilled, I felt the need to try the product, as I would any other nail polish.

Day two, I applied Zoya Anchor base coat, two coats of Sally Hansen Kook-A-Mango, and Zoya Armor top coat. I loved the super glossy look that resulted from this combo. The color is rich and opaque, with a delectable wet look polish. See for yourself.

But I regret that by day's end, I had one chipped nail and slight wear at the tips of most of the others. I even stayed away from most activities that require heavy hand use so it really shouldn't have happened on the day I applied the polish. Perhaps it is better suited to very short nails.

I love how this nail polish applies but am very disappointed in the low wear time. If you want something that's easy to put on and feel like switching up your polish on a daily basis, this is probably going to work for you. Otherwise, go with a good base coat and top coat and be prepared to touch up every now and then. I suggest going with very short nails too. And for a delightfully cheery summer combo? This bottle of Kook-A-Mango and the Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Candy Apple. Top with a coral gloss for a totally complementary lip.


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    1. I really do like the color so I redid the one nail that got chipped. I bet it would wear well on toes as long as I don't skip the base and top coat.