Saturday, July 7, 2012

Quick Deals at your local Target

I picked up a couple of L'Oreal cosmetic items for under a dollar apiece yesterday at my local Target.

The lip gloss was marked down to $1.78 and the eyeshadow quad was down to $1.85. I worked in a couple of dollar off coupons to get to my purchase price.

L'Oreal Paris Wear Infinite Studio Secrets Eye Shadow Quad in 104 Woodrose

Apart from the Woodrose quad which I have here, there are a few other eyeshadow quads on clearance. They divide the display into shades designed for specific eye colors. I think Woodrose is one of the brown eyes quads.

This is not a review so I can't tell you how well these wear. I have reviewed other L'Oreal eye products throughout my blog. If you click the L'Oreal tag at the bottom of this post, you will find them all. I will admit that the pigmentation is on the light side and the shadows are firm when you dip the applicator into the pan. But the colors themselves should be quite versatile. A charcoal/black, a taupe/grey, a champagne pink and a beige. There's a light shimmer to pretty much all of them but I don't think that this is very apparent.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Le Gloss in 163 Plum Rush

The lipgloss looked like a scary purple in the tube but check out the swatch. I literally squirted the gloss on to my arm and let this transparent bubblegum pink flow down. The formula is very runny and very sheer. I found it easier to squeeze the tube very gently while pressing the applicator against my lip and then spreading it with fingers from there. It's quick and no need for a mirror because this is as good as clear gloss. Since it's a runny formula, wear time is also low. I think my first application lasted two hours tops. (Sorry no pics! I didn't have my camera with me yesterday.) It was very moisturizing though and not sticky at all.

How to get coupons: If you go to the Target website, you may still be able to snag yourself a L'Oreal cosmetic item coupon on their coupons page. Find the link at the bottom of the main page.

The Target Summer Beauty Bag which I showed in another post (here) had a coupon for a dollar off of one L'Oreal Colour Riche lip or nail product or you can go to the L'Oreal website, find their special offers page (there's a tab at the top of the main page) and sign up for myL'Oreal and get coupons there.

Just for fun, I found this pair of Cos Bar at Target tweezers down to $2.80. I admit, I don't need another pair of tweezers but I couldn't resist a pair of markdowns in animal print. There are three colors available. They weren't a bad pair either. Just one of a number of Cos Bar items (part of The Shops at Target) that are now on clearance at my local store.