Sunday, July 1, 2012

eos Lip Balm - Smooth Sphere (6 flavors) + Vanilla Bean Smooth Stick

Lip balm hardly seems to be the most exciting subject to photograph or to blog about but I have to hand it to the brand eos (evolution of smooth) for making things a little more interesting.

This isn't the first time that I'm featuring the eos smooth sphere lip balms. The first product that I ever tried from the brand was Sweet Mint and I liked it. Sure, I had a few complaints about the packaging but I've come to appreciate it more lately. I like that when I leave it on my nightstand, it doesn't roll off to the ground. I don't have much trouble finding it in the middle of the night (for those dry lip emergencies, you know?) and tossing one into my pool tote, I quickly locate it for easy reappplication.

honeysuckle honeydew open

But whatever possessed me to buy every variant available? Is it because it's 95% organic? That wasn't the real selling point for me but it seems to make sense to want something organic if there's any chance of ingestion. It was my daughter that got me to buy the whole lot since we stash one within easy reach all over the house. She had gone through a chapped lips phase and I needed her to be able to put something on by herself.

Vaseline didn't cut it so I tried some Chapstick. I gave her Strawberry and the Blueberry Flava Craze ones. She used them but then they would get stuck in the tube. After you twist up, they won't twist back down. Then sometimes she didn't spread it properly and there would be a blue/red tint on her lips. I needed something that didn't gunk up and applied totally clear.

One day, I decided to show her these cute little balls. She was smitten. Took Summer Fruit (her favorite color: red) and Honeysuckle Honeydew (yellow-green) right off my hands. I didn't realize that the delivery method would be easier for her too. No mess. I don't have trouble getting her to reapply now. She loves the scent, the flavor (or lack thereof) and every variant is clear on lips. Thank you, eos!

The smooth sphere style lip balm comes in 6 variants (pictured above). Sweet Mint, Summer Fruit, Honeysuckle Honeydew and Strawberry Sorbet are in the standard formula. Medicated Tangerine has phenol, which gives it anti-bacterial properties and Lemon Drop SPF 15 offers sun protection. I have no issues with the original four. Like them all. Medicated Tangerine sounds like a gimmick (really? lip balm to keep you from getting sick?) but it's fine in the moisture department. I just need to complain about the icky flavor of Lemon Drop. Contrary to its delicious lemony scent, it tastes not remotely anywhere near yummy. Bitter and awful. Why, oh why?

lemon drop spf 15 open

With my purchase of a multi-pack (pictured here), I also received the Vanilla Bean Smooth Stick. It seems like the same formula but in stick form. The stick comes in three variants but for the life of me, I have not seen them anywhere. And as it isn't in that cute little ball, it doesn't feel like eos. However, Vanilla Bean is to my liking. I now wish that it came in the sphere.

vanilla bean smooth stick

If I had to pick a favorite, I would go with Sweet Mint then Strawberry Sorbet. The latter is a bit candy-scented, however, and may put off those who don't want their lip balm to smell so sweet. In which case, I would recommend Honeysuckle Honeydew. Really, anything but the Lemon Drop.

medicated tangerine open

Sold individually, the spheres can usually be found packaged as below. The ingredients list is at the back. Each sphere retails for around $3-4 (prices vary by retailer). The multi-pack costs around $11.

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  1. I wish these were available in the UK!

  2. They are in the UK! I've seen them in Boots!

  3. I don't think EOS is available in the U.K but Balmi is! Its similar to EOS...(packaging wise and scent wise). I've seen them in boots! I have EOS lipbalms... i paid about 15 quid for 5 EOS lipbalms I have;
    Honeysuckle Honeydew
    Strawberry sorbet ( my fave)
    Sweet mint
    Summer fruit
    Passion Fruit ( but I lost it :( )