Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Clarins Double Fix' Mascara Waterproofing Seal (Lashes & Brows)

When I placed my latest order for mascara, I had expressed to the sales associate my interest in at least one waterproof formula. I had complained that although I like Chanel mascaras in general, their waterproof ones tended to flake off on me and dry up way too soon. I wanted to try something else. She recommended that I simply order my favorite mascara and use a waterproofing seal. Clarins Double Fix' was her solution.

The product is labelled exactly this way: Clarins Paris Double Fix' Mascara Waterproofing Seal Lashes & Eyebrows (see photo above). I didn't want anyone to think that I kept making errors referring to it as Double Fix'.

Out of the tube, you'll see the brush coated in a translucent white gel-like formula. Using it to waterproof my mascara on lashes, first I apply my mascara as normal. I do not use a mascara base. When I am fairly certain that my black mascara is dry, I apply a coat of Double Fix' on top of the lashes. Literally, I swipe it once across the top of the lashes and then once from the bottom going up, trying to coat each lash. I usually do not find it necessary to dip the brush back into the tube to coat both sets of lashes. There seems to be enough in there to cover everything without having to do so.

I wipe down the brush with a dry sheet of paper towel before putting it back into the tube. This way, any black residue left on the brush will not muddy up my Double Fix'. I've found that even if my black mascara is sure to be dry, the Double Fix' brush can still get a little color on it.

The effect: the lashes become glossy after applying Double Fix' on them. Other than this glossiness, there usually isn't any other indicator that you've put on the additional layer. A few times, I have noted a lash tip or two that seems to have a tiny speck of white on it. I suspect that I had put on too much Double Fix' on the area and that it had built up at the tip of the lash. Because I don't want to tug on the lash, the only solution I can think of to get rid of it, although counterintuitive, is to quickly cover the area with black mascara or simply leave it alone.

Does it work? You know what, I think it does! One time, I actually went out with waterproof mascara on one side and regular mascara with a coat of double fix on the other. When I got home, I splashed my face with water over and over. Neither side budged. When I tried rubbing my eye a little, the waterproof mascara caved sooner than the Double Fix' side did. On another occasion, I just went right into the shower without removing my mascara that was sealed with Double Fix'. I proceeded to shower as normal and just used Dove soap to quickly wash my face. There was very little smudging when I came out of the shower. So while not completely impervious to getting wet and then being rubbed, Double Fix' does a substantial job. Everything comes off cleanly with waterproof eye makeup remover.

On brows, I do not recommend Clarins Double Fix' at all. I was left with a sticky mess that looked greyish when I tried it once. I'm very satisfied with the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel for setting my brows and will leave Clarins for use on lashes alone. Right now, I'm using the Burberry Effortless Mascara with Clarins Double Fix' and I'm quite happy with the combo.

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